Power Rangers Reboot: Why Green Shouldn’t Be The New Red

Power Rangers Reboot currently plans to introduce a Green Ranger as leader. Find out how this would affect the possible Female Red Ranger debut.

The status quo of Power Rangers may be on the verge of changing. With the reboot around the corner, talks have been brewing about Green taking charge instead of Red. Now let’s talk about why that could be a problem.

Power Rangers has adapted the Red Ranger leader role from the Super Sentai series while establishing many iconic characters original to the franchise. Although many of the leaders were donning Red, there were a few occurrences when the leader of a Ranger team deviated from the assigned color. This includes the first White Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which featured the return of Tommy Oliver due to popular demand. There have also been other non-red leaders such as White Alien Ranger, Time Force Pink, and even temporary leaders such as Wild Force Yellow.

The Power Rangers Reboot Green Ranger should not be the leader at the expense of the new Red Ranger. Though the details are unconfirmed the reboot has been reported to set the Green Ranger as the leader of the team but at the potential cost of a female Red Ranger. 

Power Rangers Reboot: Why a Leading Green Ranger Would Counteract a Female Red Ranger


The Green Ranger leading would be a counterproductive move as a female Red Ranger has been a rare and significant feature in Power Rangers since the role often only features male characters. As there are many aspects to this situation, we have established a full breakdown of why this could have occurred and why both choices are ill-fitted for the future.

Fight for Female Red Rangers

SPD A-Squad Red Ranger, Red Samurai/Lauren Shiba, and the 1969 Red Ranger/Grace Sterling.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury featured Amelia becoming the first full-time Red Ranger, with other past female Rangers being temporary additions. Other female Red Rangers have included Lauren Shiba in Power Ranger Samurai, the evil A-Squad Red Ranger, and even the comic-exclusive 1969 Red Ranger. The 30th Season of Power Rangers finally debuted this significant original Ranger and marked a sign of evolution for the franchise. The leadership role of a Red Ranger has been a highlighted aspect, with Hunter Deno excelling in the momentous historical moment for Power Rangers.

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The 30th Season appeared to be a great way to test how fans would react to a female Red Ranger. Although some fans were worried about the effect on Zayto’s character, her debut proved to be worthy and well-written. However, with a female Red Ranger expected for the reboot, the rumored change in leadership devalues the color’s significance. This means that not only will the Red Ranger have an alternative role, but the magnitude of making a female character as the Red Ranger will carry less weight. 

Green Ranger Leadership Hints at Links & Purpose 

JDF’s legacy defines character progression as Tommy goes from member of the team to leading it.

Despite being an odd choice, the Green Ranger being made the leader of the team could be a way to honor one of the most significant characters in the Power Rangers universe. Tommy Oliver was the original Green Ranger played by Jason David Frank, with the legendary Ranger dearly missed after his passing. As Tommy becomes White and later Red, this choice of leadership in the reboot could be a way to commemorate JDF’s contributions to the franchise. This choice would also break the mold that fans have been used to, while also providing the deviation from Super Sentai that was originally planned.

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If the goal is to establish a new character to inherit the future of Power Rangers, this kind of big change would make sense. This kind of change to the Ranger roles would make sense in light of Tommy Oliver’s legacy and the changes he helped forge. However, the big picture has yet to be revealed along with any reasons for such dramatic alterations for the reboot. 

The Power Rangers Reboot is currently in pre-production, with more development expected to take place after the SAG-AFTRA strike concludes. More details are expected in the near future.

What do you think of the Green Ranger leading? Do you think the Female Red Ranger is a concept contradiction? Is there anything you are hoping to see in Hasbro’s Power Rangers reboot? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content. We’re always watching.

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