Damian Priest Explains How Rhea Ripley Did Him A Huge Favor By Taking His MITB Briefcase At Fastlane

Damian Priest praised Rhea Ripley for taking his Money in the Bank briefcase at WWE Fastlane.
WWE Damian Priest, Finn Bálor, , "Dirty" Dominik Mysterio The Judgment Day

Damian Priest recently thanked Rhea Ripley for not letting him do something stupid and taking his Money in the Bank briefcase. Priest is the current holder of the men’s Money in the Bank briefcase.  It guarantees him an opportunity to challenge for any men’s championship at any time within one year.  It gives the holder a lot of power and makes him a threat to every champion on the roster.

Damian Priest and Finn Balor defended their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships at Fastlane this past Saturday against Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso.  Priest and Bálor were unable to retain their championships and the WWE crowned new tag team champions.

WWE Damian Priest
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The Judgement Day was obviously very upset and disheartened by the loss.  However, Priest vowed that he would not leave the night empty-handed.  He was looking to cash-in during or perhaps immediately after the Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match for the World Heavyweight Championship. However, Ripley asked for the briefcase as she knew it would not be the right time and Priest was not up for it physically. 

It could have been a blown opportunity, but Ripley is wise enough and respected by her teammates enough to prevent that. On a recent episode of WWE’s The Bump, Priest talked about the decision to let Ripley hold the briefcase and thanked her for it. Damian Priest stated the following:

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“I didn’t let her [Ripley] take [the briefcase] away from me. She asked for it, and I gave it to her because this is what we do for each other. We look out for each other, and she was right, I wasn’t 100 percent, and I’m the one that’s adamant about doing it at the right time. So she was just reminding me of my own words.

“She said, ‘Give me the briefcase’ so I don’t make a mistake. I thank her for that moment because that’s what we’re there for. We have each other’s backs, and especially when it’s most needed, and there I needed my friends. Sometimes the boys don’t always think the smartest and so, Mami, we have her around and she kind of keeps us in line. This is what we do for each other and I’m very grateful that she was there for me.”

H/T To Wrestling Inc. For Transcription 
WWE Damian Priest
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Damian Priest Praises Rhea Ripley’s Leadership Skills

Ripley has taken on a much bigger role within Judgement day.  As time goes on it is more and more evident that she is the leader of the group.  She is the Women’s World champion and was unchallenged for a long time.  In recent weeks some new threats have risen up and may be a threat to her reign.

Ripley has had an ongoing feud with her physical rival, to which she has very few, in Raquel Rodriguez.  Nia Jax has made her WWE return and has definitely asserted her dominance in the women’s division.  Plus on this week’s Raw Shayna Baszler German Suplexed Ripley and that will not go unanswered by Ripley.

WWE Finn Bálor,
Damian Priest,
Rhea Ripley,
"Dirty" Dominik Mysterio The Judgment Day
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Following the ending of Fastlane Rollins looked like the match took everything he had and he tweeted something similar.  Priest was asked if any part of him regretted not cashing in and what he thought the result would be.  

“Of course, you know, thinking on the positive side. If I would have cashed in, I would have become world champion. Which is the goal,” Priest said.

WWE Damian Priest
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However, he is also glad he didn’t and Ripley stopped him because he knows that anything can happen in a wrestling ring.  He admits that he could have stumbled and messed up his cash-in and wasted a golden opportunity.

Damian Priest may not have gold around his waist at the moment after losing his tag championship and not cashing in.  However, he and Bálor will have a rematch with Rhodes and Jey Uso this upcoming Raw for the tag team championships.  

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What did you think of Damian Priest and Finn Bálor’s match at Fastlane?  Were you surprised that they lost their tag team championships?  Do you think they will regain them this upcoming Raw?  What did you think of Priest not cashing in on Rollins?  Was it wise of Ripley to stop him?  Do you think he would have beat Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship?  What about if Nakamura had won?  Let us know if you think Priest is ready to be the World Heavyweight champion on The Illuminerdi’s social media.

Sources: WWE’s The Bump, Wrestling Inc.

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