Eric Bischoff Explains Why Celebrities Like Logan Paul Have A Huge Benefit In Wrestling

WWE Logan Paul

Eric Bischoff has harsh words for fans who are critical of celebrities like Logan Paul who have wrestling matches. Paul is fresh off his boxing match win over Dillon Danis.  He is flying pretty high on life after defeating Danis, especially after the lead-up to the fight got very personal.

WWE Logan Paul
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With Logan Paul’s confidence at an all-time high, he wants to return to the WWE.  He decided to call out a champion and called out one of the greatest of all time.  During the final round of the fight Paul took the time to challenge Rey Mysterio for his United States Championship.

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“I’m a WWE Superstar so I’m moving back in the WWE. There are some championships that I want to get,” Logan Paul said. “I got my eye on something. I got my eye on someone. I’m an American boy and I want that U.S. Title. Rey Mysterio, I already beat you once brother, and I’m coming for that U.S. Championship. Let’s go!” H/T To Wrestling Inc. For Transcription

WWE Rey Mysterio and Logan Paul
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Meet Me In The Ring

Mysterio heard the challenge and told Logan Paul that he could meet him on SmackDown.  The two men will meet face-to-face this Friday.  Hopefully, it will be civil and will not end in a physical altercation and then a match at the Crown Jewel.

Not every wrestling fan is okay with celebrities like Paul entering the WWE and having matches.  In fact a lot of fans downright hate it.  They believe it takes away from young up-and-coming wrestlers and takes away from wrestling in general.

However, Eric Bischoff has very different views on celebrities wrestling in WWE.  During a recent episode of 83 Weeks, he explained why fans who hate Logan Paul are very wrong for their hate.

“My advice to [the] hardcore wrestling audience who may take offense … pull your head out of your a**,” Eric Bischoff said. “Logan Paul is great for the wrestling industry. Logan Paul has brought in mainstream viewers who might not otherwise bother to check out WWE or professional wrestling in general. 

And to not appreciate that or give Logan credit for what he’s doing isn’t a sign of your undying loyalty and devotion to professional wrestling; it’s a manifestation of ignorance and not understanding how important it is that people like Logan Paul and Bad Bunny come to the world of professional wrestling and have a positive impact on it, as opposed to some of the people who are in professional wrestling and have been for a long time who have a negative impact on it.”

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WWE Logan Paul and Ricochet
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Logan Paul Looks Like A Pro After Only Seven Matches

Logan Paul last wrestled at SummerSlam in early August.  He took on Ricochet and was the final piece to the story which started in January at Royal Rumble.  The two men jumped from opposite sides of the ring and met in the middle in the Royal Rumble match.  It was a big spot and garnered a lot of attention from the internet.  The pair met again in the Money in the Bank match.

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Paul has had seven matches in WWE and every one he has exceeded everyone’s expectations.  He is extremely athletic and picks up the moves very quickly.  The only area he needs to improve on is his mic skills could be a little better.  However, giving him a manager who can talk would solve that issue.

WWE Dominik Mysterio and Damien Priest Bad Bunny
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Having someone who is as famous as Paul or Bad Bunny in WWE will always bring people over.  Paul is a very controversial person and whether people love or hate him, his name gets a lot of buzz.  Him entering the world of boxing has just added to the buzz.

Bringing in big name celebrities to wrestling events has always been a part of WWE.  Mr. T, Liberace, Cyndi Lauper and Muhammad Ali appeared at WrestleMania I and Mr. T wrestled in a match.  It is part of WWE and part of wrestling in general.

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What do you think of celebrities doing things in WWE?  What about having actual matches?  Should it be limited to athletes?  What have you thought of Logan Paul’s time in WWE?  Who do you think is the best celebrity to ever wrestle in WWE?  Are you excited to see Paul and Mysterio wrestle?  Let us know what celebrity you would love to see wrestle in WWE.

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