Seth Rollins Talks About Retirement And Why The Love For His Daughter Has Him Contemplating It

WWE Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins talks about why he has recently started thinking about retirement and life after wrestling. 

Seth Rollins is on top of the Raw brand. He is arguably the number two guy in WWE. Being the current World Heavyweight champion will definitely raise you up the ranks.

Even though Seth Rollins is in the prime of his wrestling career, he is getting older and his priorities are not the same as they once were. In his storyline, especially while feuding with Shinsuke Nakamura, he has talked about injuries and his back giving him problems. He hinted at not being able to wrestle much longer.

Seth Rollins On Retirement

WWE Finn Bálor and Seth Rollins
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How much of this injury and retirement talk is real and how much is just storyline is unknown. However, Rollins is undoubtedly starting to be able to see the end of his career and thinking about retirement.

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On a recent episode of Mythical Kitchen, Seth Rollins discussed what first made him start thinking about retirement.

“I had a little baby girl, and then you start to think ‘Okay, when do I want to wrap this thing up?’ Mostly so I can be an active father for her and not just be gone on the road all the time,” Seth Rollins said. “I went to see one of my favorite bands a couple of weeks ago called The Wonder Years, and the lead singer Dan is a good friend of mine. And he’s got this bit where he kind of tells the audience ‘we’re closer to the end than we are to the beginning.’

And that resonated with me and the crowd boos. They’re like ‘no, don’t boo,’ but then he turns it around. He says ‘we’ve got a lot more in the f***ing tank.’ So that’s how I felt. That was a real fire-up moment for me … But yeah, man. It’s the first time in a long time, probably in my whole career, that I’ve been like ‘hmm, what’s the end game here? When am I going to hang it up? And what’s next, if anything?’”

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Some Of Our Favorite Wrestlers Will Be Retired In The Next Few Years

WWE Finn Bálor and Seth Rollins
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Seth Rollins isn’t the only wrestler who is thinking about winding down their career. Bryan Danielson has talked about entering the final year as an active wrestler before going into a part-time schedule. Natalya has also talked about people asking her when she wants to retire.

Rollins’ generation of wrestlers are all in or like Rollins entering their 40s soon. Once a wrestler enters their 40s they have to decide if they want to plan out their retirement or be like Chris Jericho, Sting and others and keep going for as long as they can.

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Seth Rollins was asked when his retirement was coming and if it was coming soon. However, like Natalya he said not quite yet and has some time left in him.

“I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon,” Seth Rollins said. “Like I said, I’m still in that window. The business is hot. I’m having a lot of fun. So I don’t know. I don’t see it anytime in the immediate future, let’s just say that.”

Retirement Is Still A Ways Out

WWE Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins
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SethRollins still looks very good in the ring and his character work is at an all-time high. He is nowhere near needing to retire.  

Since May, when Rollins won the World Heavyweight Championship, he has been taking on some of the best wrestlers Raw has to offer and had to defeat AJ Styles just to win the championship. So far he has defeated Damian Priest, Nakamura, Finn Bálor and Bron Breakker. However, his next opponent may be his toughest challenge yet, Drew McIntyre.  

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McIntyre is a former two-time WWE champion. Unlike Rollins’ other opponents as champion he knows what it takes to be on top and stay on top of the division. The two men will face each other this Saturday at Crown Jewel for Rollins’ World Heavyweight Championship.  

WWE Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins
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What have you thought of Seth Rollins’ reign as World Heavyweight champion? Is it time for him to lose the championship? If so, should McIntyre be the one to defeat him? Do you think Rollins should think of retiring soon? Let us know who you would like to see Rollins defend his championship against next.

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Sources: Mythical Kitchen, Wrestling Inc.


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