Marvel Scooper Predicts Doctor Doom’s Big MCU Entrance

A Marvel scooper makes his prediction where the villainous character, Doctor Doom, will make his first appearance in the MCU.
Doctor Doom

There’s an update on how the one and only Doctor Doom might finally make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Avengers: Secret Wars will be the film that will conclude the Multiverse Saga. Just like what happened in Avengers: Endgame, once the Multiverse Saga comes to an end, a new villain will be taking over Kang the Conqueror’s place as the next Avengers threat. There’s been many rumors swirling around the internet with fans theorizing that Secret Wars will include many fan favorites like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man.

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There hasn’t been any official word that this will happen, so as exciting as it is to see all of the characters we have come to love join in to fight for the greater good in the upcoming Avengers films, we don’t really know what Marvel Studios has planned for the films. One rumor that has caught some great attention is the possibility of seeing Doctor Doom as the next big threat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


It has been rumored that The Beyonder will be Secret Wars‘ next big villain. He is supposedly going to be another Kang Variant but with the ongoing legal issues that have been surfacing about Jonathan Majors and there is an apparent lack of interest in the character, there has been speculation about shifting focus to Doctor Doom.

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This is an interesting take since a Fantastic Four reboot is set to be made very soon. Insider Jeff Sneider (via ComicBookMovie) shared some insights that suggested that Doom may be one of several villains that are set to appear in the final Avengers film in the Multiverse Saga.

According to Sneider, he believes that the character will be introduced in a post-credit scene of the anticipated Fantastic Four film. He reported the following:

“I still believe that Doctor Doom will be introduced in the post-credits sequence of Fantastic Four. [The strike] could affect that potentially. That movie is due two years before Secret Wars and it just seems like if you’re going to introduce him in 2025… maybe that’s where the semantics thing is… he’s not the villain, he’s a villain. There are multiple villains in Secret Wars. It’s inaccurate to say he’s THE villain.”

-Jeff Sneider-
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In 2015, Marvel Comics released a Secret Wars miniseries that was written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Esad Ribić. The storyline involves the destruction of the Marvel Universe and various other alternate realities. Doom ends up stealing the powers of The Beyonders and he eventually created his own “Battleworld” when the Marvel and other universes were destroyed after colliding in an incursion.

Doom also uses Molecule Man’s powers and he ruled as “Emperor Doom” for many years before his fake reality came crashing down around him and a new world was created in its place. In the comics, Molecule Man is seen as one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel multiverse.

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Even Galactus has said that Owen Reece (Molecule Man) can destroy him with a mere thought. He once unleashed his “darkest aspect” which possessed sufficient might to fight and over power the Beyonder. This miniseries only consisted of nine issues and it ran for eight months, ending in January 2016.

To see Doctor Doom as another threat to the Multiverse would be an interesting thing to see, especially since his biggest enemies, the Fantastic Four, are being rebooted in the MCU. There is no official word if the character and the events will be implemented in the upcoming Avengers film but nonetheless, we are excited about what the studio has in store for the future films.

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SOURCE: Comic Book Movie

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