Sentai Jackets Reveals All Six Awesome Rescue Series Jacket Patches

Sentai Jackets Reveals All 6 Ranger Patch Sets for the Fan-made Rescue Series. The Cosplay item for Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is now available.
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Sentai Jackets finally reveals their Rescue Series Jacket Patches, showcasing the show-accurate item release for Lightspeed Rescue fans. The fan-made product created for fans of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue has revealed each patch that fans could get with their order.

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This includes all 6 sets for the Rangers that featured in the iconic 8th Power Rangers series, with fans able to purchase each one separately. The patches found on the civilian jackets belonging to the characters were designed to be an interchangeable feature for the jackets that fans can obtain from the site. 

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Rescue Series Jackets

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue was adapted from the Super Sentai series, Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive. The season of Power Rangers kept the rescue theme of the series when it was released in 2000, with many original sets and designs featured for the adaptation. The cast was given the iconic Rescue Jackets to wear during their run as Rangers, which were a Power Rangers exclusive design.

The series also featured the first original Ranger, the Titanium Ranger, who also wore the Jacket with his own set of patches. For the renowned and unique Ranger series, Sentai Jackets revealed the new limited line that allowed fans to accurately cosplay as the amazing team of heroes. 

Sentai Jackets Reveals All 6 Patches from Rescue Series 

The Rescue Series Patches released by Sentai Jackets are custom fan-made items that were designed for the Jackets in the same line. The premium embroidery patches were designed to capture the same art seen in the Lightspeed Rescue series and feature show-accurate details.

They were also designed to be removed with ease with Velcro allowing them to be adaptable cosplay for fans that obtain a Rescue Series Jacket. All 6 patch sets feature the same unique designs added to each Jacket the cast used, which represented their Ranger suits. 

The set includes 2 visor-shaped patches with one hosting the number for the left arm, the other for the professional logo on the right arm, along with the rectangular logo patch with a matching color for the left-side chest area. Fans who purchased the Rescue Series Jacket were able to select only one set as part of the package, but another listing allowed fans to get any of the 6 they wished to obtain.

The patches were also released separately to allow fans to obtain them without needing the premium quality jacket, allowing fans to create custom cosplay with a patch set if desired. These patches perfectly match the decorations for each Ranger seen in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, with high-quality images enhancing their design.

Logo patch for each Ranger color. Only 1 included per set.

The Ranger series remains unique for including characters with real professions, including a firefighter, pilot, and even a medic. Seeing all the patches together finally highlights just how much detail went into the 8th Season of Power Rangers, completing the Rescue Series Jackets previously available for pre-order.  

The patches and their art look flawless and deliver a real hit of nostalgia for the season. It’s fantastic that they have been released separately as this is a great opportunity to obtain them for other designs. With the velcro backing, it would be easy to imagine fans using them for another custom idea, even if they didn’t get the Rescue Series Jacket. It will be exciting to see the fandom wearing these Jackets at events and giving the cast the salute they deserve for such an iconic Power Rangers season. 

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The Rescue Series Ranger patch sets are a fan-made limited release available to order via Sentai Jackets, with a set for each Ranger from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. A set of Patches will be included for fans who purchased the Sentai Series Jacket, but the others can be purchased separately. For remaining stock, check out the Sentai Jacket store for any remaining Rescue Series Jackets and sizes still available.

What do you think of the Rescue Series Patch sets? Did you obtain the fan-made quality Jacket for Lightspeed Rescue cosplay? Have you ordered premium releases from Sentai Jackets before? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news.

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