KingOhger’s Gokkan Fortnite Island Code Revealed with Awesome Gameplay Previews

Island Code for KingOhger's 3rd Island has been unleashed for Fortnite. Check out the new game experience hosted in Gokkan.

The third island for KingOhger reveals the code and gameplay for Gokkan in Fortnite. The latest location featured from the 47th Sentai series was shared by Toei Zukun Lab as they revealed the new game mode in the land of ice and snow. Players will be challenged to deliver a high-tech container to the home of Papillion Ohger, with resistance from an onslaught of zombie-like foes. The new location also features iconic landmarks as seen in the Ohsama Sentai series, which fans will discover during the new mission. 

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Toei Zubun Lab revealed a full plan for Ohsama Sentai KingOhger as they add experiences for the 47th Sentai series through Fortnite. The 1st island for the Sentai series featured the throne of Shugoddam as players participated in training within Kuwagata Ohger’s Castle for the first release. The 2nd island featured a much larger area as Tonbo Ohger’s country of technology, N’Kosopa, included a climbing challenge for players to explore and experience. The Super Sentai series featured 6 Kingdoms in total as key locations that often featured in various scenes. 

KingOhger Reveals Third Island Code for Fortnite 

The new island code for Gokkan has been revealed for Fortnite, with the new game experience shared on social media by Toei Zubun Lab. The land of ice and snow will feature the game mode ‘Delivery to Zybarn Castle’, which features up to 4 players escorting a hovering package.

The new mission will also include a host of zombies that try to kill players but will also include a coin and experience system. These coins and experience points will allow players to purchase weapons or even power-ups to increase survival. 

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The new location will also feature various landmarks seen within Gokkan, which is the home of Papillion Ohger. This includes the stone walls to enter the grounds, the village homes outside of the castle, and even the huge-scale monument with God Papillion.

This will also be the first time a Shugod is featured in these iconic locations from KingOhger. Hints and tips for the new location were also shared on social media as Toei Zubun Lab shared strategies to increase the odds of success. 

The snowy landscape will make a thrilling location for such a high-action mission, which shows how much more incredible each new island gets. The game mode is a thrilling new challenge for any player to take but seeing Gokkan brought to life is even better. It’s outstanding how much detail is placed into these locations and it’s wonderful to see God Papillion added as part of the location. It will be interesting to see what location featured next as Ishabana, Tofu, and even the In-between land seen underground have yet to debut. 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger’s 3rd Island code for Gokkan is now live, allowing players to experience ‘Delivery to Zybarn Castle’. The codes for all KingOhger locations released by Toei Zubun Lab include the following. 

  • Take back the king’s room! – Training island code: 5011-1640-7775 
  • Run! Climb! Aim for the top of Nkosopa! – Island code: 3739-7751-6235 
  • New: Deliver it to Zybarn Castle! – Island code: 8799-8142-7690 

What do you think of the 3rd island code for KingOhger in Fortnite? Are you excited about exploring Gokkan in the new release? Do you like the new zombie-filled delivery challenge? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai content.  

SOURCE: Toei Zukun Lab

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