LA Knight Talks About Doubting Himself And Achieving Unexpected Goals

WWE phenom LA Knight opens up after retirenment
WWE LA Knight

LA Knight talks about second-guessing himself and thinking his career may be over, only to main event a WWE event with Roman Reigns.

Knight is in the position of taking over the top spot on SmackDown at any moment. The fans are behind him and it seems WWE is really high on him.  He is one of WWE’s top merchandise sellers.

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Knight seems to be right where he wants to be.  He could go in any direction and change for any championship and it would make perfect sense.  He also seems to know this and carries a lot of confidence with him because of it.

WWE LA Knight and Roman Reigns
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During a recent interview with MetroUK, Knight revealed that he hasn’t been able to fully accept his success and is always worried that it can be taken away at any moment.

“As long as I’ve been doing this, I’m always looking over my shoulder that like, at some point, somebody’s going to try and come and take this all away from me.

“And I’ve gotta defend it at any point. And I mean that in the realest way possible. Like I’m always just, people ask me, ‘are you enjoying this? Do you have time to?’ Man, I wish I could.

Like, I’d like to enjoy this, but it’s tough to, and I know that sounds like some Freudian, put me on the couch thing. But legit, I’m always over my shoulder making sure that, okay, who’s behind me, what’s going on?

Because I’m going to make sure this thing keeps moving forward. Because anytime anybody comes knocking on my door, I gotta handle that.”


Biggest Match Of LA knight’s Career

WWE LA Knight and Roman Reigns
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Knight’s most recent match is without a doubt the biggest of his career.  This past Saturday he faced the top guy in modern wrestling, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Reigns and Knight faced off at Crown Jewel.  Knight was not able to come out of the match with the championship or a win.  However, Knight put in a good performance and was almost the champion a few times in the match.  He proved that he can main event a premium live event and put on a good match with the top guy in the promotion.

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Despite all his success in the past year and how popular he has become, he admits he still doubts himself.  He even admitted in 2020 he thought his career might be over.

“I was pretty sure my career was over the summer 2020 just because the way the world was, but also, look, everybody makes a big deal about my age,” Knight said. ‘But with that being the case, I know how great of shape I am.

I know how great I take care of myself. And with that in mind, I’m just like, ‘Man, I know I’ve got something in me,’ but people are going to see that number on paper and it’s going to make people turn their heads.”

The Pandemic Era Of Wrestling Made Knight Worry About His Career

WWE LA Knight
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Knight admitted that during the pandemic with the world changing and slowing down it made him wonder if his career would end.  He thought because of his age and the wrestling world coming to a sort of standstill that WWE would decide to end any push they were planning for him

WWE has a lot of faith in Knight currently and because of that, they gave him some unique and exciting opportunities.  These opportunities have allowed him to cross off goals he didn’t know he had or thought possible.

“There are so many goals that are just like, things that I didn’t know could be goals. Like for instance, when I won the Million Dollar Championship,” Knight said. “The idea that John Cena was going to come back and then I was going to tag with him? Like, that’s not even something that would have been in my mental Rolodex.”

Hitting Unexpected Goals

WWE LA Knight
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The Million Dollar Championship was a championship held by Ted DiBiase back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.  It has occasionally popped up here and there in WWF/WWE, but always in association with DiBiase.  Knight won the championship during his feud with Cameron Grimes in NXT.  Surprisingly and unfortunately it is the only championship he has won in WWE and isn’t officially recognized by the promotion.

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Knight is right on the cusp of becoming a top star.  However, many think he is missing something that he needs to make that big break.  The fans love him, but just doesn’t quite seem to be where he needs to be. Bully Ray talked about this missing piece of the Knight character on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio.  Bully Ray thinks his peaks are good during a match, but needs to raise his valleys.  He doesn’t think it is Knight’s fault and a lot of it depends on WWE booking him better.

“LA Knight needs to be put in positions where the people truly feel for him. He hasn’t been in that position yet,” Bully said. “One of the things that I thought they could’ve done for LA Knight at the end of Crown Jewel is left him standing at the end” H/T To Wrestling Inc. For Transcription

WWE Roman Reigns and LA Knight
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Bully Ray thinks if WWE would have had Reigns get in Knight’s face after the match and talked trash only to have Knight lay Reigns out one last time.  This would have left Knight standing at the end with Reigns on the mat.

Are you surprised that LA Knight is unsure of himself sometimes?  What other things would you like to see Knight achieve besides winning a world championship?  Were you surprised that Knight didn’t beat Reigns?  Do you think Knight is missing something that is preventing him from being in the top spot?  What do you think that piece is?  Do you think Bully Ray’s finish would have been a better finish to the PLE?  Let us know on social media who you would like to see Knight take on next.

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