Logan Paul Explains Why The US Championship Is So Important And What It Symbolizes To Him

Logan Paul spoke about how much the WWE US Title means to him during a recent episode of Impaulsive.
WWE Logan Paul

Recently crowned champion Logan Paul recently explained why the WWE United States Championship symbolizes much more than just a championship to him. It has been just under two weeks since the wrestling world changed forever.  On Nov. 4, at WWE Crown Jewel, Paul defeated the legendary WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship.  We are now living in the age of Logan Paul.

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Paul has continued to improve and show a lot of promise.  Every time he steps into the ring he impresses wrestling fans.  However, not everyone loves him and by not everyone, I mean many people hate him.  Putting championship golden on him was very controversial and many fans were not happy about it.

WWE Logan Paul
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However, Paul isn’t taking winning the United States Championship lightly.  He recognizes that it is a big deal.  On a recent episode of Impaulsive, he talked about the deeper meaning the United States Championship has to him. The WWE United States Champion stated the following:

“Wrestling is much harder [than boxing] because it’s a 360-degree art. There are so many things involved in this sport that make it extremely difficult, so people ask me like, ‘What’s so special about the belt? What does it mean?’ To me, it’s a symbol of accomplishment and trust in the craft and the human. WWE doesn’t just give this belt to someone. It is them entrusting you with their publicly traded company worth four billion [dollars] at the moment. 

‘It’s a big deal that they stamp you and are willing to say, ‘You’re significant enough and have done enough disruption in our company for us to put one of our titles on you.’ There’s only what? Four or Five, there’s not that many of them, and there’s a bunch of people on the roster. So winning this, for me, was such an achievement because in that moment when my hand was raised and they handed me this shiny heavy belt, the United States Champion[ship]. I just saw my whole life in front of my eyes, all my ups, all my downs.”

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WWE Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio
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Logan Paul Hasn’t Made an Impact As Champion Yet

Currently, Logan Paul hasn’t made his presence known just yet as the new United States champion. He hasn’t defended his championship and hasn’t announced who his first challenger would be. Being the new champion and coming from a world outside of wrestling and sports could have his WWE peers jealous and not happy to see him around.

 It should be acknowledged that even though he has a successful boxing career his fame from YouTube gave him that opportunity. Even though Paul may not be the most popular guy backstage, not everyone hates him. Paul revealed that a former Impaulsive guest and a big deal in WWE, top Superstar Cody Rhodes, has shown him a lot of kindness. Paul said on The American Nightmare:

“Another person who has just been so nice to me in the WWE is Cody Rhodes. Like so nice to me. He was on this podcast … Just a great guy.”

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WWE Dominik Mysterio, Cody Rhodes
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Riding High

Regardless, Logan Paul is riding high in WWE.  He has had some very high-profile matches with some of the best in WWE.  He has a main eventer in Rhodes taking him under his wing and has a championship belt around his waist. It may be all fun and games right now for Paul, but it may not last.  On a recent episode of True Geordie Podcast, wrestling legend Kurt Angle had some advice for the young champion. Angle said on Logan Paul during the interview:

“Try not to spread yourself too thin. I know he’s got a bunch of s**t going on, you know, his Prime drink and wrestling. I don’t know if he’s still fighting or not. He got the YouTube thing; I don’t know if he’s still doing that, but he seems to be all over the place. And that’s really good, as long as he has a great management team.

‘But just, you know, try to focus on one or two things and do the best you can at those one or two things. I think that’s one thing I would say to Logan: If you love wrestling, focus on it. Make it your first love, and make it your first priority, and do what you got to do to become world champion.”

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WWE Seth Rollins Logan Paul
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Kurt Angle With Some Sage Advice

One of the concerns fans have had with Logan Paul is exactly what Angle touched on.  The concern is that Paul will not be willing to deal with the grind of wrestling.  The traveling and constant injuries would be too much for him.  He has plenty of other things which aren’t so physically demanding.  However, that was when he first joined and since then he has been injured and has stuck around.  At this point, it looks like he is going to be around for a while.

Another thing Angle touched on is making wrestling his “first love” and “first priority.”  Paul is currently on a part-time schedule but has said that he would be appearing more often in WWE.  He needs to make that happen.  

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Do you agree with Logan Paul seeing the championship as a symbol of accomplishment?  Was the United States Championship a good first championship to win for him?  If not, what should he have won first?  Do you agree with Angle’s advice?  What other advice would you give Paul?  Let us know what winning a championship would symbolize for you.

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