Check Out This Crazy Godzilla Minus One Collectible for $85 From Super7!

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Godzilla is back in theaters this week with the release of the highly anticipated new TOHO film for the King of the Monsters, Godzilla Minus One. To commemorate the release, TOHO and Super7 have revealed a new collectible action figure from Super7’s TOHO ULTIMATES! line featuring the one and only Big G from the upcoming film.

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This stunning new and authentic Godzilla action figure will be opening up for preorders on Friday, the same day as the film’s theatrical release. It will also cost fans about $85 plus shipping and handling expenses.


This new figure from the Ultimates! line is 8″ tall and 14″ long. It was also approved by the film’s director, writer, and visual effects supervisor, Takashi Yamazaki. The figure was realized using the film’s actual 3D models and detailed paint applications.

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Courtesy of TOHO International.

The figure was designed to be as authentic as possible to the new film version of the King of the Monsters, while also offering fans the maximum amount of aesthetic articulated joints. Additionally, the figure comes with interchangeable roaring and neutral heads. Fans will also be able to recreate a number of poses in scenes from the film.

Preorders for the figure start on Friday, Dec. 1 at the Godzilla Store, and the figure is priced at $85. That’s a bit pricey, but the Super7 Ultimates figures are incredibly detailed, premium, high-end collectibles. You can also get a closer look at the figure and its accessories in the gallery below:

The designers at Super7 really outdid themselves in creating this figure. The only thing missing is some type of Atomic Breath or Heat Ray accessory for the release. But perhaps that could be a future variant for the Ultimates! line provided this figure does well.

The price is very expensive, but Super7 makes some great figures from fan-favorite properties, and most of them are made to order. And the figures they’ve made of Godzilla and TOHO’s other iconic Kaiju monsters so far have been nothing short of excellent. This figure looks to be no exception.

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So far the upcoming film looks to be getting tremendous reviews, including from The Illuminerdi’s own Kevin Fenix (see below). I think Kaiju and Godzilla fans are going to be very pleased when they finally see this movie, as it totally delivers in a way that previous Kaiju films and other installments of Legendary’s Monsterverse have not. It even improves upon TOHO’s own Shin Godzilla, released in 2016.

The new Super7 Ultimates! figure doesn’t have an expected shipping date yet. Super7 makes its figures based on its preorders, so shipping details will likely be revealed later on. Hopefully, we’ll get an update on the expected shipping dates soon.

Godzilla Minus One
Courtesy of TOHO International.

Meanwhile, Godzilla Minus One is due to hit theaters on Friday, Dec. 1 as well. The film brings back the King of the Monsters with aplomb, and fans will be able to check it out in regular theaters and IMAX.

What do you think of this impressive Godzilla Minus One Ultimates figure from Super7? Would you order one of these? Is the price point too high for a premium high-end collectible? Let us know your thoughts on the new figure and if you plan to see Godzilla Minus One in theaters on The Illuminerdi’s social media.


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