Dark Specter’s Infection Spreads Further in Power Rangers Unlimited The Morphin Masters #1

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Morphin Masters deepens the Darkest Hour in 2024. The new comic for the event sees the return of Ryan Parrott as he tells a new story within the Grid.
Power Rangers Unlimited: The Morphin Masters

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Morphin Masters #1 adds a new level of excitement as Ryan Parrott will return for a new tie-in for 2024. The Darkest Hour comic event will receive an additional expansion as Rachel Wagner joins to bring a new chapter to the Ranger Slayer. They will be joined by artists Daniel Bayliss and Arthur Hesli as the 30th-anniversary storyline dives deeper into the Morphin Grid. Check out the upcoming release slated for the first month of 2024. 

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers continues events as the Darkest Hour was revealed as part of the 30th anniversary of the franchise. Ryan Parrott (Image’s Rogue Sun, Aftershock’s Dead Day) is an iconic Power Rangers comic writer known for his work on Go Go Power Rangers, which featured alongside Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a type of prequel.

The writer took over the main series starting with Issue 40, starting with the Necessary Evil storyline. He continued his work until he passed the baton to Melissa Flores. Power Rangers Unlimited: The Morphin Masters is the upcoming new series that acts as a spin-off to events in the Darkest Hour event. Boom! Studios revealed the release in October as an additional release that brings back the iconic writer. 

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Morphin Masters Deepens the Darkest Hour With Ryan Parrott’s Return

Ryan Parrott returns to Power Rangers and is joined by co-writer Rachel Wagner (Rogue Sun), artist Daniel Bayliss (Firefly), colorist Arthur Hesli (Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless #1), and letterer Ed Dukeshire (Irredeemable) in the newest The Darkest Hour tie-in, Power Rangers Unlimited: The Morphin Masters #1, coming from BOOM! Studios, under license by leading toy and game company Hasbro, this winter. 

Power Rangers Unlimited

Picking up right after the shocking events of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #116, an iconic returning character has entered The Grid in a desperate attempt to find the Morphin Masters and the answers they might possess. Power Rangers Unlimited: The Morphin Masters #1 features covers by Toni Infante (Sons of the Devil), Goñi Montes (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and Miguel Mercado (Magic). 

“I mean the opportunity to come back to Power Rangers even just for a single issue was honestly too good to pass up, especially when it meant getting to write a Ranger Slayer story again. Plus, what Melissa has done with the franchise has been nothing short of amazing, so it was truly an honor to finally get to tie together so many of the exciting lore threads regarding the Grid and the Morphin Masters that we all introduced… and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… years ago.”

Returning Power Rangers writer, Ryan Parrott. 

About Rachel Wagner: 

Rachel Wagner is a writer currently living in Los Angeles. She has worked on television shows such as ‘Preacher,’ ‘CSI:NY,’ ‘Physical,’ ‘Revolution,’ ‘Patient Zero,’ ‘Saints and Sinners,’ and ‘About a Boy.’ Additionally, she has written for BOOM! Studios and Image, developed projects for Robert Zemeckis, Marc Forster and Jerry Bruckheimer and has been nominated for Saturn and AOF Fest awards. 

“I so greatly appreciate the chance to play in Ryan and Melissa’s sandbox! I deeply relate to Ranger Slayer’s story in this one and was beyond excited with the opportunity to delve deeper into the cost of fighting for others with no regard for yourself. As for the Grid, Masters and lore – I truly hope you all have as much fun reading it as Ryan and I did writing it!”

Writer Rachel Wagner. 

About Daniel Bayliss: 

Daniel Bayliss is a comic book artist from Mexico. He has collaborated on titles such as DC Comics’ Knight Terrors: The Flash, BOOM! Studios’ Angel, and Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York, among many others. He has also worked with publishers like Marvel Comics, IDW, and Titan Comics. He was nominated for The Russ Manning Award 2016. 

“I’m genuinely honored to have the opportunity to dive into the Power Rangers universe once again, and it’s very exciting to have the chance to give life to a great story by the exceptional writing team of Ryan and Rachel. I’m having so much fun with the Ranger Slayer and all the characters in the story. I’m sure readers will enjoy this incredible and unique adventure just as much as I am working on it.”

Artist, Daniel Bayliss. 

The Morphin Masters is really issue #116.5–fans of the series and those keeping up with The Darkest Hour will not want to miss this one. I want to tell you everything about it, but I’ll wait for you all to experience it yourselves!”

Series editor, Allyson Gronowitz. 

Ryan Parrott has made huge contributions to the Power Rangers comics with amazing characters such as Omega Blue Ranger, Yale. It’s fitting to bring back such a legendary writer to add an even bigger piece of the story for the Darkest Hour event. With the Reboot seeming miles away, this is the perfect release to keep the Ranger Hype going during 2024.

It’s also brilliant to hear how energized Wagner and Bayliss are about this exciting new release in the Power Rangers universe. With Darkest Hour still progressing alongside the newly released Ranger Academy, fans won’t have to worry about a quiet period for Power Rangers as the Boom! Studios comics continue to deliver. 

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Power Rangers Unlimited: The Morphin Masters #1 will hit shelves on January 31, 2024. It is available for pre-order at your local comic shop. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers, including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and Kindle.

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SOURCE: Boom! Studios

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