The Karate Kid: Sofia Wylie Eyed To Play Female Lead In The New 2024 Film

The search for the new Karate Kid may be far from over, but the search for his leading lady may be closing in on Sofia Wylie.
Sofia Wylie

It may still be a while before Cobra Kai. returns for one last match, but the new Karate Kid movie starring Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan, and possibly Sofia Wylie is rapidly approaching.

That’s right, the search for the next Karate Kid(not you Hilary Swank) continues, but the search for a fierce female lead seems to be closing in on Sofia Wylie.

Daniel RPK, the most reliable scooper himself posted the news on his Patreon account for his loyal patrons. There’s also evidence of Sofia Wylie being involved in this fifth Karate Kid installment. Eagle-eyed fans did not hesitate to draw attention to a video featuring Wylie performing what looks to be a very interesting dance.

Sofia Wylie Vs The Karate Kid?

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Just in case any of you are wondering whether or not she’s the Karate Kid, she is not. The Karate Kid in this movie will be a Chinese or Mixed-Race Chinese teenage boy named Li Fong between the ages of 15-17 years old who speaks fluent English and possibly conversational Mandarin.

Assuming that Wylie lands the role, she’d be playing Li’s love interest who by the looks of it can do more than handle herself.

What Is This Karate Kid Movie About?

The Karate Kid Film

Other than everything mentioned above, there’s not much known about the movie. This Karate Kid movie came out of nowhere, we don’t even know if it will be called The Karate Kid exactly, but Karate Kid is expected to be in the title somewhere.

According to previously rumored details, the untitled Karate Kid installment revolved around a small 17-year-old Chinese boy referred to as “Li”, who is already skilled in Kung Fu instead of Karate for some reason moving to Brooklyn, New York with his mother. He was also said to be struggling with a past tragedy, which created some tension between him and his mom who has been dealing with the same tragedy in her way. “Li” would then meet a fellow high school student named Mia, and her father, Victor, at a pizza restaurant. It was also said that Li would be the teacher instead of a student, training the grown man Victor in the ways of Kung Fu.

Excluding the protagonist’s name, those rumors appear to have been debunked since the spectacular announcement of Ralph Macchio joining forces with Jackie Chan, officially folding the 2010 Karate Kid movie into the wider “Miyagiverse”.

Speculations quickly arose surrounding what the unlikely couple could be doing in the film together. Upon listening to the video, I believe that the duo already told us that they are both training the new Karate Kid. After Macchio said, “Let’s wax on, wax off everybody”, Chan replied, “You mean, shake it on, shake it off?”, then Macchio replied, “Maybe the new Karate Kid will have to do it all”. If that’s not an indication that they’re both teaching him their respective styles then I do not know what is.


Jonathan Entwistle, best known for his hit teen television dramas I’m Not Okay with This and The End of the F***ing World, is directing the untitled Karate Kid film. He will then be developing Hasbro’s Power Rangers reboot for Netflix.

The script was penned by Rob Lieber, known for Sony’s Peter Rabbit and Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day.


Sofia Wylie continues to rise in her career and is not stopping for anyone. She starred in Netflix’s The School For Good and Evil, Highschool Musical: The Musical: The Series which concluded on Disney Plus not long ago. Should she land the role in the upcoming Karate Kid film, I have no doubts about her being a wonderful addition to the franchise.

The untitled Karate Kid film will be released in theaters on December 13, 2024.

What do you think? Does the idea of Sofia Wylie dominating her opponents in karate get you hyped? Let us know on social media, and follow us for more content like this. We’re always watching.

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