UNION ARENA – Bandai Set to Create a New Era for Trading Card Games with English Version of Their Hit TCG

BANDAI announces the North American release of the English version of "UNION ARENA," a unique trading card game featuring popular anime and game titles, set to launch in October 2024
Bandai Union Arena

BANDAI’s Card Business Department is set to revolutionize the trading card game (TCG) landscape in North America with the launch of the English version of Union Arena This announcement was made during an online program titled “BANDAI CARD GAMES ANNOUNCEMENT – UNION ARENA -English- release confirmed!” on December 27, 2023. The release of the English version of Union Arena is scheduled for October 2024, marking a significant expansion of this popular Japanese card game into the North American market.

Union Arena (English Version): A New Era for Trading Card Games

Union Arena has been a hit in Japan and other Asian countries since its release in March 2023. It’s a unique TCG that allows various popular anime and game titles to battle using a single set of rules. The English version promises to be more than just a translation; it will feature a lineup and designs tailored specifically for North American audiences, including a new brand logo and card back.

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The first three titles to be featured in the English version of Union Arena are BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War, HUNTER X HUNTER, and Jujutsu Kaisen, all of which enjoy immense popularity in North America.

What to Expect from the English Version of Union Arena

Bandai Union Arena

During the announcement program, the English version’s products were introduced, highlighting special features and plans exclusive to this release. The program also featured comments from renowned voice actors Masakazu Morita (Ichigo Kurosaki in BLEACH), Megumi Han (Gon in HUNTER X HUNTER), and Junya Enoki (Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen), adding to the excitement of the reveal.

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Union Arena is known for allowing players to engage in battles with various popular titles under a common set of rules. This approach has already garnered a strong following in Japan, with many titles added to the game. The English version will maintain this format, offering a diverse and engaging experience for TCG enthusiasts in North America.

Online Platform, Community Engagement, Bandai Card Game Fest 23-24

The announcement program was hosted on the “BANDAI CARD GAMES Metaverse Lobby,” a 3D space designed for TCG fans to interact, battle, and enjoy events together. This platform will continue to play a significant role in building the Union Arena community in North America.

With the upcoming release of the English version of Union Arena, BANDAI is set to make a significant impact on the TCG scene in North America. Fans of anime, gaming, and TCGs can look forward to a unique and immersive experience that blends popular culture with competitive gameplay.

The English version of Union Arena is set to release in October 2024, and more news is expected to be announced at Bandai Card Game Fest 23-24. Register for the free event here! For those who want to try the game out, Bandai set up a free trial at

Bandai Union Arena

Are you excited about the release of the English version of Union Arena? What other anime or game titles would you like to see included in the lineup? How do you think this game will change the landscape of trading card games in North America? Let us know what you think on Discord!

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