Dragon Ball Super Card Game Powering Up to the Next Level in 2024 with Exciting Updates

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is leveling up with the introduction of the Fusion World series, offering both tabletop and digital gaming experiences.
Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is set to take the gaming world by storm as it powers up to the next level. Since its inception in 2017, the game has consistently provided players with thrilling battles and innovative gameplay elements. Now, as it celebrates its 7th anniversary in 2023, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game is gearing up to offer a brand-new experience.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Masters Zenkai

The current Dragon Ball Super Card Game Zenkai Series will continue under the new name Dragon Ball Super Card Game Masters Zenkai from 2024 onwards. This series will continue to evolve, promising to deliver the same high-quality gaming experience that fans have come to expect.

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In addition to the Masters Zenkai series, a new title, Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World, is set to launch. This new series aims to provide a more intuitive card battle experience. What sets Fusion World apart is that it will not only feature a tabletop version but also a digital version, allowing players to engage in battles with opponents from around the world, anytime, anywhere.

Fusion World

Come February 2024, Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World will release four types of starter decks, the first volume of booster packs, and official sleeves. These new additions are designed to enhance the gaming experience and cater to both new and seasoned players.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game features characters from not just Super, but also from various other Dragon Ball series. The upcoming Fusion World Starter Decks will include “Son Goku,” “Vegeta,” “Broly,” and “Frieza.” The “Awakened Pulse” Booster Pack will also be launched in February 2024.

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Bandai Co., Ltd., the company behind the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, is committed to making the game more exciting and enjoyable for all users. As such, they are working diligently to provide the best environment in both the Masters Zenkai and Fusion World series.

Despite the absence of new anime seasons, Dragon Ball Super continues to thrive in various forms of media. The manga, under the masterful artistry of Toyotarou and the guidance of original creator Akira Toriyama, is still ongoing, with new chapters released monthly. It has been exploring new story arcs such as the “Granola the Survivor” saga, introducing fresh characters and plotlines that keep fans engaged.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game also remains popular among enthusiasts, with new card sets being regularly released, each featuring unique illustrations and game mechanics that add depth and variety to the gameplay. Plus the major updates coming next year. Furthermore, the franchise’s cinematic universe is expanding. The most recent film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, was a global success, and anticipation is building for the upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which promises to deliver more thrilling action and memorable moments for the beloved series.

For more information on the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World, visit the official website or follow their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to power up your gaming experience with the Dragon Ball Super Card Game!

*Please note that all information is current as of August 3rd, 2023, but may change without prior notice.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Are you excited about the new developments in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game? The Illuminerdi would love to hear your thoughts! Which of the new Fusion World Starter Decks are you most looking forward to using – Son Goku, Vegeta, Broly, or Frieza? How are you planning to build your deck with the upcoming Awakened Pulse Booster Pack? Share your thoughts and deck builds with us on social media!

Source: Bandai Card Games

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