Digimon Con 2024 Schedule and Teasers Unleashed for the Anime’s 25th Anniversary

Digimon Con 2024 is nearly here! Check out the full schedule, teased content, and exciting segments for this year's event.

Digimon Con 2024 is moments away as fans await the latest news for the Digimon franchise. Teasers have already been shared regarding the contents of the event, including the previously revealed anime’s 25th-anniversary logo and a new upcoming Digivice project for the celebration. Fans will also be treated to a full line-up of scheduled features, including live chat with Agumon and even more information about the upcoming Digimon Liberators. As fans await the last few hours before the event starts, here is a full dive into what to expect for the Digital event of the year. 

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Digimon Con is an online annually held event that allows the Digimon fandom and community to see the latest updates from the Digital World. Last year’s event featured the first preview of Digimon Seekers and even featured Digimon World: Next Order as the game ports to PC and Nintendo Switch. The Vital Bracelet BE and Digimon TCG were also highlighted editions of the event, with the Vital Bracelet featured in the web novel series. Digimon Liberator is the next high-anticipated content coming this Spring, as the new Web Comic series will even integrate the card game as a key feature for the story. 

Digimon Con 2024 Full Schedule Creates Excitement for News 

Digimon Con 2024 has revealed the full schedule for the event that will be held in Japan, with a live stream supported in both Japanese and English. The event kicks off with a 25th anniversary talk for the Digimon anime, followed by the Digimon Game Series Survey, and even a segment for Digimon Seekers. \

A major highlight of the event is the reveal of the Digivice 25th Anniversary Project, which will reveal the mysterious Adventure Digivice previously teased. There will also be special performances for the anime’s celebrated anniversary, and the long-awaited introduction of Digimon Liberator.  

To break up the event, fans will also be treated by a Real-Time talk with Agumon, as Chinatsu Sakamoto reprises her role for the occasion. There will also be guest appearances by Mayumi Yamaguchi who plays Gabumon, and Kacho Shigematsu who played Piyomon in the Adventure series. There will also be a Digimon Card Survey Project that may include the webcomic featured cards and even a Digimon Information segment. 

There is so much hype for the upcoming event for Digimon and fans are hoping for a new anime or even game to be featured in the news. It’s fantastic that Agumon will be there to help break up the content, but it will be interesting to see if this will only be a highlighted feature for the Japanese audience.

The key segments will certainly be related to the new Digivice for the anniversary and the upcoming Digimon Liberator. Fans will be hoping for a big presence for Digimon this year, but confirmed releases such as the webcomic series and new Digimon TCG boosters will keep the hype climbing. 

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Digimon Con 2024 will start at 7 pm PT (3 am GMT in the UK) and will be hosted on the Digimon Partners official YouTube channel live, with an English and Japanese version. Check out the 25th-anniversary site from Digimon Partners for more anime content during the celebration. 

About Digimon Con

Digimon Con

When: March 9
Where: Digimon Partners’ official YouTube channel
About: #DIGIMONCON 2024 ANNOUNCED! The event for Digimon fans all over the world will be held again this year! Let’s all get excited about Digimon together with the 25th anniversary of Digimon Animation! Chika Sakamoto (voice of Agumon), Mayumi Yamaguchi (voice of Gabumon), and Atori Shigematsu (voice of Piyomon) are scheduled to appear! Stay tuned for more info!

What do you think of the Digimon Con 2024 line-up? Are you hoping for news regarding the anime and game series? Are you excited to see more for Digimon Liberator and the live chat with Agumon? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon and anime news. 

SOURCE: Digimon Partners  

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