DIGIMON CON 2024 Features Massive Liberator Series Reveals With Epic 25th Anniversary Digivice

Digimon Con 2024 Features Key Highlighted Releases. Including a New Epic Digivice, Digimon Liberator Release Date, and even a new Web Novel.
Digimon Con

Digimon Con 2024 debuts the Digivice – 25th Color Evolution and a massive preview of Digimon Liberator, featuring various evolutions and the release date. The new Digivice will allow fans to experience the iconic Adventure series spectacularly, with Digimon Liberator teasing a range of content. This includes a new female protagonist for a linked Web Novel to release with the Web Comic, and even full evolutions for Pteromon and Shoemon revealed. As the anime celebrates its 25th anniversary, fans have also got amazing merchandise to look forward to as it releases soon. 

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Digimon Con 2024 featured a full-on celebration of the anime as it celebrates its 25th anniversary, after the Adventure series released in 1999. Including both the latest series and even movies released for the Digimon multiverse, there have been a ton of amazing moments featured for fans. The recent event allowed fans to take part in surveys for both the anime and recent video games, with chats with the iconic Japanese cast and even a live chat with Agumon. As fans enjoy the finale of the show, the release of the finale for Digimon Seekers was revealed, with some amazing previews for the Digimon TCG. 

Digimon Con 2024 Clusters in Full-Reveals for New Digivice, Digimon Liberator, and Epic Card Previews 

The recently aired Digimon Con 2024 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the anime and revealed the visually stunning Digivice – 25th Color Evolution, plus a cluster of upcoming content. One of the big reveals includes a big preview for the webcomic series, Digimon Liberator, which will be released on April 25th. Fans were also treated to new previews for upcoming Digimon TCG cards and related packs for the Liberator series. Alongside the upcoming boosters and decks, fans were also given a full look at the new characters with their partners with the full evolution lines of Pteromon and Shoemon. 

Digivice – 25th Color Edition Fuses Iconic Game with Anime Series 

The new Digivice has been revealed to be a massively updated version of the original toy as the anime’s story is visually captured. The new Digivice will allow fans to walk in the shoes of the original Digidestined as they walk out the adventure with their favorite Digital duos. The spirits and animations perfectly capture the iconic scenes, battles, and even the Digivolutions featured in the original series. This includes perfectly adapted Digivolutions into Ultimate Digimon and even facing familiar foes, from Shellmon to Devimon. 

The new Digivice will also allow fans to create bonds between characters and see the environment move as the device tracks each step. In addition to recreating the adventure with evolved technology, fans will also be able to connect the new Digivice to Digimon Pendulum Color, activate nostalgic BGM sounds, and even have the Digivice light up for each unique color. There will also be a special set release for a DX version of Tai or Matt’s Digivice in their unique color, with a DX Tag and Crests set and even an art book included.  

Digimon Liberator Explosive Preview, With New Additional Web Novel 

A massive preview trailer has been unveiled for Digimon Liberator with Digimon Con 2024 revealing a new Web Novel series. The Novel will run alongside the Webcomic but will include an exclusive female protagonist. Fans were also able to see more of the characters featured in the webcomic, a preview of the first issue, with the trailer also teasing the other Digimon and their Tamers. The trailer also featured a new Mega Digimon, which was revealed to be the final form of Pteromon.  

The new novel series will feature an exclusive character, Yuuki and Impmon, and will be released simultaneously alongside the webcomic. It was also teased that this Impmon will not have a similar evolution route as seen in Digimon Tamers, which means the Mega form will not be Beelzemon. There will also be a convergence for Yuuki and Impmon to meet up with Shoto and Pteromon, with more details to be revealed as the series progresses.  

Epic Upcoming Digimon TCG Releases for Anime & Liberator 

One of the first reveals by Producer Murata included a Secret Rare Greymon card that captures a scene for the Adventure series origin movie. This stunning card is also joined by another secret rare that captures the returning Parrotmon fight in the Last Evolution movie. A range of new cards have also been featured during the event, which includes special structure decks released for Pteromon and Shoemon from Liberator. This includes the Guadian Vortex (ST-18) and Fable Waltz (ST-19) decks for the Digimon, respectively. Both packs will also include bonus cards with spectacular art featured for each set.  

Fans were also treated by the amazing Ultimate and Mega Evolutions for both new Digimon, with their Baby and In-training stages included. This includes the arial knight-themed Digimon, Grandgalemon, and Zephagamon, for Pteromon’s evolutions after Galemon. Plus, the fairy tale inspired Digimon, Cheperomon (Red Riding Hood theme), and Cendrillmon (Cinderella Theme), for evolutions after Shoeshoemon. Fans were also treated to Yolkmon and Fluffymon as the cute and charming pre-evolutions to Pteromon. 

The new Digimon lines look absolutely wonderful, and the fairy tale theme looks perfect for the Digital World. Although fans may be sad that there is no news for a new anime or video game, there is a massive boom of content coming for the Digimon franchise. Digimon Liberator will host a massive new series as a Web comic and Web Novel to enjoy, which will suit both visual-oriented audiences and fans of Digimon Seekers. This inclusion of the Card Game will also thrust the releases into a new evolution, but the best feature was seeing the ultimate Digivice brought to life 25 years after the original toy. 

Digimon Liberator will be released as a Web Comic, with the first issue released on Thursday, April 25, 2024. Both the Webcomic and newly revealed Web Novel series releases will be simultaneously available. 

Pre-orders for the Digivice – 25th Color Edition release are live on Premium Bandai, with the release date to be revealed soon. Fans that get the DX Tai or Matt versions of the Digivice will also get the DX Tag and Crests set with the featured artbook. 

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Release for the English version of all revealed Boosters and new Structure decks will be revealed soon. Check out the Official Digimon Card Game Program every Thursday at 8 pm JST for more TCG content. To rewatch the Digimon Con 2024 – English Version –, use the following link to check out all the segments and reveals from the event. 

Digimon Con

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