New Trailer For DEAD BOY DETECTIVES Debuts

The Dead Boy Detectives are here with a haunting new trailer. Check out the Netflix series on April 25th.
Dead Boy Detectives Netflix

If you need some sleuthing in the after-life to be done, Dead Boy Detectives got you covered, but if you want a spooky good time from the comfort of your living room, check them out on Netflix.

Wait, here’s a look at the brand new trailer before the Dead Boy Detectives haunt your screens on April 25th.

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Dead Boy Detectives is based on Neil Gaiman’s hit comic series of the same name. It also has a place in The vast Sandman universe. The series follows the ghosts of teenage boys Edwin Payne (George Rexstrew) and Charles Rowland (Jayden Revri). They’re the best friends of friends who spend their days getting justice for fellow ghosts, solving mysteries that were overlooked by the living.

Their adventures find them having to contend with evil witches and the likes of Hell and Death herself. Yes, Death is a woman. Speaking of women, don’t let a name like “Dead Boy Detectives” fool you. Two ghostly girls are on the team; a clairvoyant named Crystal (Kassius Nelson) and her friend Niko (Yuyu Kitamura). They’re there to give our dead duo the backup they need.

Dead Boy Detectives female lead

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I won’t pretend I’m the biggest fan of Dead Boy Detectives. I’ve been following these characters since I was introduced to them in their backdoor pilot in Doom Patrol season 3 when it was supposed to be a different adaptation on the streaming service formally known as HBO MAX.

I find them to be fascinating, they feel like The Hardy Boys continuing to solve mysteries long after death. Having Dead Boy Detectives overhauled to Netflix to live under the same roof with The Sandman surely makes the Gaiman creative family feel whole.

About Dead Boy Detectives

Dead Boy Detectives

PRODUCED BY: Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television
KEY CAST: George Rexstrew, Jayden Revri, Kassius Nelson, Jenn Lyon, Briana Cuoco, Yuyu Kitamura, Ruth Connell, Lukas Gage, David Iacono
SHOWRUNNERS: Steve Yockey, Beth Schwartz
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Greg Berlanti, Steve Yockey, Beth Schwartz, Jeremy Carver, Sarah Schechter, Leigh London Redman and Neil Gaiman
BASED ON: Characters created for DC by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner
FORMAT: 8 episodes
RELEASE DATE: April 25th

SYNOPSIS: Meet Edwin Payne (George Rexstrew) and Charles Rowland (Jayden Revri), “the brains” and “the brawn” behind the Dead Boy Detectives agency. Teenagers born decades apart who find each other only in death, Edwin and Charles are best friends and ghosts… who solve mysteries. They will do anything to stick together – including escaping evil witches, Hell, and Death herself. With the help of a clairvoyant named Crystal (Kassius Nelson) and her friend Niko (Yuyu Kitamura), they are able to crack some of the mortal realm’s most mystifying paranormal cases.

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