Digimon Liberator: Web Novel Starting Next Week with Yuuki and Impmon

Digimon Liberator Web Novel starts this week. The story featuring Yuuki and Impmon will be released between installments of the web comic series.

Digimon Liberator reveals the premiere of the web novel series featuring Yuuki and Impmon. The latest Digimon project has two unique releases that are part of the same world, with the comic currently on Chapter 2. The teased new web novel that follows the success of Digimon Seekers will finally be released this week. Check out the upcoming release and the schedule that will see both features of Digimon Liberator release, with their unique line-up of characters. 

Digimon Liberator features a fantastic new full-dive VR world that features the Digimon TCG. The web comic recently released Chapter 2 part 1 that sees Pteromon fighting as part of Shiro’s deck. It was revealed that the web comic will be releasing every 2 weeks starting from the latest release on May 16. Other characters for the series have previously been teased, including Yuuki and Impmon as the exclusive protagonists that were revealed for the web novel. It was also announced that both releases could crossover in events as the story progresses. 

Digimon Liberator: Yuuki and Impmon’s story begins with the 1st Web Novel Chapter 

Digimon Liberator will release the first chapter of the Web Novel this Thursday, which was revealed on social media for the Digimon TCG. The novel will feature Yuuki and Impmon as the main protagonist to the story. This means that fans will have two separate stories to enjoy in different mediums. The first release for this high-anticipated release will be on Thursday, May 23. Joining Yuuki is Saikyo Winr and his partner, Fanbeemon, who will also star in the web novel series. 

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The first chapters of the Digimon Liberator Web Novel include 4 releases. These include ‘Debug,1-1′, ‘Debug,1- 2′, ‘Debug,2-1′ and ‘Debug,2-2′ as the first burst of content for the story. The release will be available on the official Digimon Card official website for Digimon Liberator. This also suggests that the web novel will fill the gap each week and will release in-between additions to the web comic series. 

It is exciting to finally have the debut of the new web novel series after such massive teasers for the release. Those who have read the first part to Chapter 2 have already seen Yuuki, Impmon, Winr, and Fanbeemon teased as an intro to the next installment. Digimon Seekers was enjoyed by many fans but there were some translation issues previously. Hopefully, lessons have been learnt and the latest Digimon Project will be a smoother piece of content that fans will love to dive into. With both the comic and novel, this new story will go further than Seekers ever could, and it will be exciting to see where this new Digimon adventure will take us. 

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Digimon Liberator will begin the Web Novel via the official website on Thursday, May 23, 2024. The story will feature Yuuki and Impmon as the main characters, with a new installment released every 2 weeks. 

The Web comic for Digimon Liberator will feature the next part to Chapter 2 on Thursday, May 30. The story featuring Shoto, Pteramon, Arisa, and Shoemon will be available on the official website, followed by the release on Webtoon and GlobalComix. 

Digimon Liberator

What do you think of the upcoming release of the Web Novel? Are you excited for Yuuki and Impmon to debut? Have you been enjoying Digimon Liberator so far? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon news. 

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