Cody Rhodes Talks About The “Sickness” Of Always Wanting More And The Future Of His Title Reign

Cody Rhodes shares wisdom revealing how an unsatiable desire for more is a sickness.
WWE Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes talks about the “sickness” of wanting more as a wrestler and the kind of championship reign he wants to have. Rhodes has finished his story or at least this chapter of it. He has become the Undisputed WWE champion and did it by dethroning the seemingly unbeatable Roman Reigns.

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Cody Rhodes is now the face of SmackDown and its top guy. Rhodes was recently a guest on Busted Open Radio and was asked if he has finally gotten used to being the top guy. He went on to talk about never being comfortable and always wanting more.

“I think, in the moment that I get comfortable with being at that spot would probably be the moment that I am different as a performer and competitor. I think and I’ve said it a few times I thought maybe after WrestleMania 40 I’d be full. I did it. This thing that I wanted to do since I was 8 years old, I promised my dad that I could do. I’d be full in my heart, and I was, for the celebration in the ring. 

“But I’m not kidding, the moment I’m walking up, trying to make eye contact with every person I can who came there to support me and that’s a lot of people. The moment I walked up the ramp, I was already thinking, ‘How do we make this the greatest title run?’ And we’re coming off one of the greatest title runs in sports. I think it’s just the sickness [of pro wrestling].”

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Getting Comfortable Is Not a Luxury Cody Rhodes Has

WWE Cody Rhodes
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Rhodes reiterates that it is crucial to him not to get comfortable in his position. He fears that if he gets too comfortable, he will become a wrestler he does not want to be.

Rhodes has been champion since April and has been basking in the celebration of his achievement. However, he still has to defend his championship, unlike Reigns who always avoided it.

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WWE AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes
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So far Rhodes’ big title defense was against former champion AJ Styles. He and Styles clashed at Backlash France a few weeks back. Rhodes came out on top and retained his championship.

Rhodes was asked what type of heels he would like to face during his championship reign. However, Rhodes redirected the question to what type of matches he wants to have and how they will differ from the previous title reign.

“I think the question for me is more ‘What type of matches would define this title reign differently than the last title reign?’ The last title reign [was] very similar to a ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. Getting there to the edge of the mountain, and then the numbers, the Bloodline, the shenanigans, the Mr. Heyman’s. There was just there was a specialness for sure, a spectacle. It was definitely an attraction. 

“And now, looking at this title reign, I looked at it from the idea of ‘Hey, I can still wrestle at a high level.’ If anything, my wrestling IQ is the best its ever been. I want to have solid wrestling matches … And AJ Styles was the perfect individual to stand across from in Lyon, France for Backlash. And Logan Paul, whether you like Logan Paul or you hate Logan Paul, and a lot of people hate Logan Paul. Again, that’s an athlete’s athlete I’m looking to separate this reign from previous reigns in terms of the type of matches that can be delivered and delivered by me.”

Rhodes Wants To Test Himself

WWE Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul
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Rhodes went on to say that his match with Styles was reflective of the type of matches he wants to have because it has never been seen before. He wants to have new matches with new people who he has never shared the ring with.

Rhodes threw out another name of someone who he may want to have a match with at some point. It is someone who has a win over him and very few people do since returning to WWE. That person is Drew McIntyre

Rhodes’ mentality for the list of opponents he wants to face comes down to “I want to find out.” He believes McIntyre thinks he is a better wrestler than Rhodes and Rhodes wants to wrestle him one more time just to find out and wants to have matches where he gets to find out who is better.

WWE Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul
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Rhodes next opponent will be this Saturday at King and Queen of the Ring. He will face the much-hated Logan Paul. Paul has been pretty successful so far in his WWE career and is the United States champion. Just maybe he will add the Undisputed WWE Championship to his list of accomplishments. 

Do you think Cody Rhodes can get comfortable at the top or will that be his downfall? Is always wanting to do more and top your previous achievement a good thing or a “sickness” as Rhodes put it? Do you think he can retain his championship against Logan Paul? Let us know on social media what other opponents you would like to see Rhodes face and defend his championship against.

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Sources: Busted Open Radio, Wrestling Inc.


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