Natalya Feels Too Good And Inspired To Retire Anytime Soon

WWE Natalya

Natalya recently revealed that she is nowhere near ready to retire because she still feels so good. Natalya started her career in WWE all the way back in 2007 wrestling for OVW. Coming from the legendary Hart Dynasty it didn’t take her long to move to the main roster. Natalya is currently the most experienced […]

NXT Star Receives Huge Praise from Paul Heyman

WWE Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman thinks former NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton is the next big thing in women’s wrestling. Heyman has a knack for picking talent and being able to see their potential.  He did it with some of his ECW guys like RVD and The Dudley Boyz.  However, he was also able to align himself with […]

Trish Stratus Explains How Her Pairing With Huge NXT Standout Came To Be

WWE Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus explains how her and former NXT star, Zoey Stark, became partners and who brought up the pairing. Stratus dominated the early 2000s in WWE.  She helped to reinvigorate the women’s division.  Prior to her debut the women’s division in WWF was the same few women wrestling each other over and over.  She added […]

Adam Copeland’s Peers React To His Shocking AEW Debut

AEW Edge Adam Copeland

The wrestling world reacts to the AEW debut of Adam Copeland formerly known as Edge in WWE. On Oct. 1, at All Elite Wrestling’s WrestleDream pay-per-view event, Copeland shocked the world by making his AEW debut.  His WWE contract ended and he was toying with the idea of retiring.  However, he decided to experiment with a […]

John Cena Praises Cody Rhodes Reinventing Himself And LA Knight’s Drive

WWE John Cena

John Cena heaps some massive praise on two of WWE’s most popular Superstars, Cody Rhodes and LA Knight. Cena is a big movie star now, but he hasn’t forgotten his roots in wrestling.  Unlike some other former wrestlers turned huge Hollywood actors he isn’t afraid to wrestle some matches or mix up with the current […]