Gokaiger Memorial Edition Line Releases New Gokai Saber and Gun

The fan-loved Pirate-themed Sentai team, Gokaiger, are releasing Memorial Editions of the Gokai Sabre and Gun.

The fan-loved Pirate-themed Sentai team, Gokaiger, are releasing Memorial Editions of the Gokai Sabre and Gun. The weapons of the team will be released by Premium Bandai as part of the line that has previously gifted fans with perfect versions of the Changers used by Rangers in the series. Both will be greatly improved versions of the toy as they include new features and a show-accurate scale.  

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is one of the most popular Super Sentai series in the world, as the 35th anniversary Sentai show also uses Ranger Keys to transform into other Rangers in the franchise. The pirate team’s popularity led to continuous appearances after their season, including special episodes for anniversaries, a unique mini-series, and even a 10-year anniversary movie. The weapons are also iconic in the series and the main 5 Rangers have weapons based on infamous pirate arms, Cutlass Sword and flintlock pistol.  

This is the latest release as part of the Gokaiger Memorial Edition line, which has included many different items for fans to collect. The line also included the Morphers and assorted items for the team of Rangers in the show. This includes the Morphers for both the main 5 and 6th Ranger, special key sets, and the Gokai Tsuiker Unit featured in the Twokaiser X Gokaiger special. Here is a list and images of all releases for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger in the memorial line. 

  • Gokai Mobirate – Main Changer for the 5 Rangers 
  • Gokai Cellular – Changer for the 6th Ranger, Gokai Silver
  • Gokai Tsuiker set – Attachment for Gokai Silver with 6th Ranger keys
  • 35 Red Ranger Keys Set 
  • Anniversary Heroes and Donbrothers Key Set 

Gokaiger Gokai Sabre and Gokai Gun Memorial Editions 

The announcement was first teased on social media and later revealed the treasured Gokai Saber release for fans to obtain. Premium Bandai are releasing the Sword as part of the Memorial Edition line, which also actives a variety of show-accurate sounds and light effects. The Gokai Gun is also being release in a special set that includes both weapons and special metallic version of the Ranger keys. The sword will be 730mm in length and the Gun will be 335mm. Those who only want the Gokai Saber will only get the new version of the Blue Ranger Key. 

A preview of the Gokai Saber and Gokai Gun was released on Bandai Japan’s official YouTube Channel, which highlights it the many sounds and effects. These include the lights on both the Sword blade and gun, along with the finisher effects for the ‘Final Wave’ attack possible by both weapons. The flip feature for the key port will also be possible and fans will be able to use keys to activate effects. Here is the preview released by Bandai for the Memorial Edition weapons. 


The set is absolutely perfect for both fans of Gokaiger and cosplayers as the weapons are amazing replications. The Memorial Edition line has gifted fans with so many fantastic sets in the past and the Morphers were designed to have the finest details. The sword will be a perfect item to display and those who have already obtained the past releases will be extremely tempted by the full set. The blast sounds and Final Wave Finisher are the most iconic and epic sounding effects from the show, so everyone will be so giddy to activate them.  

Fans now expect Gokai Silver’s weapon to be an upcoming release but it’s also possible the next release will be from current series, Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. The Gokai Spear is a unique weapon that is very long in length but can also change into a gun and another form for the Gold mode. As Donbrothers is closer to its finale, focus may be on releasing a memorial edition line version of the Don Blaster and Zanglass Sword, which would follow the predecessor releases of Kirameiger and Zenkaiger.  


Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Gokai Sabre Memorial Edition will be released by Premium Bandai in Japan in May 2023. Both the Saber and the set include the Gokai gun has been scheduled for this approximate release date. 

What do you think of the Gokai Sabre and Gun Memorial Edition? Will you be getting the full set? What other releases would you like from Premium Bandai’s Super Sentai releases? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news. 


Source: Bandai


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