KingOhger Solid Rumors for Rangers, Morphers, and Zords


KingOhger rumors are now painting a better picture of what fans can expect from the 47th Super Sentai series. The latest information suggests details regarding the Morpher, coin gimmick, Zords, and main items, plus clarifies the motifs of some of the Rangers. All these have been posted by Dukemon on Rangerboard, who has been sharing these discoveries with the Sentai fandom in the west. The rumors give greater details about the Ranger’s arsenal and highlight all the differences between the new Rangers and previous teams. 

KingOhger Rumor Burst for Sentai Rangers Arsenal and Weapons


Fresh new rumors for KingOhger have appeared on social media hinting at the main items for the Rangers. This includes what the Rangers may use as a Morpher, their main weapons, and what makes them unique compared to other Ranger teams. Rumors regarding what the Rangers’ Zords are have also been mentioned as the combinations […]

New KingOhger Rumor Of Colors Clash For Two Rangers For The 47th Sentai Season


New KingOhger rumors clash regarding the colors and identity of two Rangers in the upcoming series. The 47th installment of the Super Sentai franchise has been confusing sources as accent colors confuse what Rangers fans can expect from the new Ranger team. These new rumors from Rangerboard’s Dukemon suggest a different arrangement for the Yellow and Black Rangers for the Royal insect Ranger team. Although this rumor is new, the confusion could still mean that either rumor could be true but here is the latest regarding the Rangers in the new Sentai series.

New KingOhger Rumors Focus On Possible 6th Ranger


KingOhger’s 6th Ranger has been the focus of new rumors circulating on social media. Rangerboard’s Dukemon has revealed new information about the 6th Ranger, which should be taken with a ‘grain of salt’. However, this Ranger has been rumored to be a purple Spider Ranger that will appear in Ohsama Sentai KingOhger, with further details […]

Captain Marvel 2 Rumored To Add Ms. Marvel And Adapt Secret Invasion

captain marvel 2 - the marvels

Kamala Khan may be paying Carol a visit in Captain Marvel 2. While Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to delay its ultimate release, fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for dozens of new characters to finally make their on screen debuts. Not only are there confirmed film sequels and […]