KingOhger Rumor Burst for Sentai Rangers Arsenal and Weapons


Fresh new rumors for KingOhger have appeared on social media hinting at the main items for the Rangers. This includes what the Rangers may use as a Morpher, their main weapons, and what makes them unique compared to other Ranger teams. Rumors regarding what the Rangers’ Zords are have also been mentioned as the combinations possible for various items and weapons. All these rumors relating to the new Super Sentai series have been revealed by Rangerboard’s Dukemon, who has been keeping an eye out for possible hints regarding the 47th Sentai show. 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is the expected 47th Super Sentai series to be released in 2023 after Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. Rumors regarding the show have slowly been revealing what kind of Ranger team fans can expect and the awesome arsenal they will have for their battles. Similar rumors have been released by Rangerboard as Dukemon was able to uncover facts regarding Donbrothers before the Ranger team was finally revealed in images released in December. 


Currently, rumors have provided information for the expected Ranger team to be an insect-based team of Ranger, with vehicle-motif armor. These Rangers will have a mix of motifs for the 47th Series and will be using coins as the gimmick of the show. Much like Zenkaiger and Donbrothers, past Super Sentai teams are also expected to be included in the design as CGI monsters, much like the Alters form seen in the most recent Sentai series. A lot of rumor snippets have been released for the Ranger team, including the Ranger color scheme of Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink, and a Purple 6th Ranger.  

Rumor burst for Ranger arsenal, Zord concepts, and Combinable weapons 

A new rumor has recently surfaced that suggests what the Rangers will use for their main arsenal. This includes an insect-based device, a gun, and coins that will correspond with the insect motif of the device. It’s unclear which will be the main combination for the Morph sequence, but it has been revealed that the CGI monsters the coins will summon will be able to combine with physical vehicle Zords. This rumor additionally reveals another motif as part of the mix, which may be used by the Bee Ranger. This is a motorcycle, which may be black armor for the ranger, and has been rumored to have two stingers making the exhausts, with two transparent wings that show fists.  


Although it is difficult to ascertain what the core items are for transformation, it is incredible that the design will be this complex. The rumors seem to suggest that there will be two sets of Zords but like the armor, the insects may be able to merge with different vehicles. Fans could expect that the designs will be combining the Zords concepts of Goonger, Lupinranger VS Patoranger, and Donbrothers, together. Meaning an insect may combine with a vehicle before making the Megazord configuration. This is such an insane and overly exciting concept that will make fans wild with anticipation.  

The Ranger’s Armor Gimmick and Crypic rumors 


KingOhger will have each member of the team with their own insect motif, but the armor they use has been rumored to be interchangeable. Each armor piece has been expected to be a form of chest body armor, with a vehicle motif as part of the design. This was previously revealed by 4chan but has also been shared by Dukemon, suggesting a solid possibility. Motifs previously rumored include the Spaceship motif for the 6th Ranger and the Green Jet Fighter armor expected to be worn by the Black Ranger. 


In addition to this rumor, a new detail suggests that the armor will have additional details, which may relate to the type of vehicles each Ranger may have as a default. This includes mentions of the shoulders having Drills, Shurikens, cannons, guns, and even guns. The word ‘Ouja’ is also mentioned in the rumor in combination with color, which may suggest the naming convention of each Ranger. There is also a cryptic clue that mentions the Ranger’s appearance including a star being linked to the insect motif. This has yet to be explained in any detail and no meaning has been defined. 

The armor is likely going to be a fascinating addition that will certainly allow a mix like the Sentai shows, TokQger, and Ryusoulger, which allows the Ranger teams to change colors or armor to access a corresponding weapon. Although the insect theme is dominant, this extra gimmick will be an exciting addition if the concept is balanced well. This rumor may be awesome but fans will have to wait for confirmation regarding this special feature. 

Combinable Weapons return rumored for KingOhger 

It was previously rumored that the Ranger will have weapons that are related to their insect motifs and could potentially combine with CGI monsters that are summoned from Sentai coins. A new rumor now states that these insect weapons are combinable, with the ‘spider’ inserted into them. These are possibly the insect-based devices previously mentioned and may also be the personal weapons of the Rangers that can be combined in diverse ways. This would mean the return of the combinable weapons gimmick loved by fans and seen in iconic Sentai shows such as Zyuranger, Gaoranger, and Goseiger


This is a missed feature that many fans have been wanting a return for since it was last used in Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger (ToQger). The individual weapons of the Rangers were a common feature, but the combinable gimmick was present in many iconic shows as the finisher move for many Ranger teams. To have this introduced again after so long will be fantastic, but already this show seems extremely ambitious. The first images and catalog cannot come fast enough as fans are starving to see everything the new team has to offer based on these rumors.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will be released in the first quarter of 2023 after the run of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. The first images of the new Sentai ranger series are expected to be revealed in the first week of December. 

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What do you think of the rumored concept of this Ranger team? Are you excited to see what rumors could be true? Are you going to be watching out for the first images for KingOhger? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai and KingOhger news.

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Source: Rangerboard


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