The Elite’s Side Of The Shocking Altercation And How Tony Khan Addressed It

AEW The Elite

The Elite [The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega] give their side of the fight and how Tony Khan has decided to address the situation so far. 2022 has without a doubt been the most interesting year of wrestling maybe ever. Vince gets in trouble, Vince retires, Triple H takes over WWE and Triple H brings people […]

Tony Khan Explains Why He Didn’t Try To Extend Cody Rhodes’ Contract

AEW Tony Khan

Tony Khan talks about Cody Rhodes’ AEW departure and why he didn’t use the option to extend his contract. During a recent media call, Tony Khan, who is the AEW co-owner, president, and CEO, answered some burning questions everyone has on AEW co-founder Rhodes and his departure from the promotion he helped to build from […]