Power Rangers: Sins of The Future – A Preview Of The Romantic Graphic Novel

A new graphic novel, Power Rangers: Sins of The Future, looks to explore the romance and fate of Wes and Jen.

A new graphic novel, Power Rangers: Sins of The Future, looks to explore the romance and fate of Wes and Jen.

Romeo and Juliet. Tony and Maria. Ross and Rachel. These are some of the couples that we think about when picturing true love. Another couple vying for the history books are Wes and Jen. Power Rangers Time Force’s couple is hitting the pages of the comics to try and work out their relationship.

Today Boom Studios announced a new graphic novel titled, Power Rangers: Sins of The Future is on the way. The story is created by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ comic writer Trey Moore, written by Matthew Erman, lettered by Ed Dukeshire, and Illustrated by Giuseppe Cafaro, who also worked on the graphic novel, Soul of The Dragon.


Fans will remember from the show how Wes and Jen fell for each other throughout the last season. Along with how they ultimately had to say goodbye by the show’s end. It was shown in the next crossover with Power Rangers Wild Force, that Jen had returned from the future and it looked like the two would get another few moments together. Questions arose around whether Jen has stayed in the past with Wes, or returned to the future. Fortunately, the answers will be explored in this novel.

The Story Behind Power Rangers: Sins of The Future

Power Rangers: Sins of The Future’s premise is that Wes and Jen are trying to make a relationship work, without sacrificing their commitments to the Silver Guardians and Time Force. Jen returns from the future and the couple is attacked by a mysterious stranger. They warn them that should they stay together, the timeline will be disrupted and the destiny of humanity will be changed. The identity of the accuser ultimately puts them on a collision course with an enemy they would never expect.

Power Rangers: Sins of The Future Full

Writer Matthew Erman spoke in-depth about his motivation to write this new novel:

“I was once six years old eating malted milk-balls in my pj’s, glued to the television, exclusively watching Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. 25 years later, I’m actually writing Power Rangers, and it is bonkers: a literal dream come true. Power Rangers: Sins of The Future is the story that my six-year-old self would have wanted to write.”

He continues to share his enthusiasm:

“Jen Scotts of Power Rangers Time Force takes center stage in this story, and she’s such a deep, interesting character with so much to pull from that writing her and other characters from Time Force has been a real gift. It’s been so wild to play in this sandbox and easy to see why it’s regarded by fans as some of the best the franchise has to offer. I can’t wait for everyone to read this!”


Power Rangers: Sins of The Future is set to be available in October of 2020. What issues do you think will be discussed in this novel? Who is the accuser? Is it a friend or foe? Make sure you keep up with The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news and content.


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