Could Jonathan Entwistle Possibly Be Tapped As Next Power Rangers Film Director?

With Power Rangers rebooting its film franchise once more, could Hasbro possibly tap I Am Not Okay With This co-creator Jonathan Entwistle as its next director?
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Power Rangers is working their way back to the movie screen, and this time it seems to be headed in a different direction than the 2017 reboot. No details have been released yet, but it looks like Hasbro is working on tapping a director.

Jonathan Entwistle, the director and co-creator of Netflix’s I Am Not Okay With This, spoke with about the opportunity, though the site noted that neither he nor Hasbro has confirmed this to officially in the works.


Entwistle On Power Rangers

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When asked about the reboot, Entwistle didn’t come right out and say he was directing. He did, however, acknowledge that he is having conversations about it. In the interview, he even gave some insight about what his approach would be:

“There may be some truth in it, but right now it’s not something that is particularly far down the line, so it’s just a very top level conversation” Entwistle said. He was also asked hypothetically if making the movie, would it be as dark as some of the things he’s known for. He comments that “Darker is not necessarily the angle. I feel like that’s been done in the Power Rangers universe before”. 

He is right, though. While the 2017 movie was given two thumbs up for the cast and their chemistry onscreen, fans were less than happy with the darker elements of the film. Entwistle spoke earlier in the interview about having a sense of adventure and excitement in shows he loved growing up, and how that’s important to something like Power Rangers as well.

If he is chosen to take the director’s chair for the film, it looks like he may bring a new sense of adventure and the light heart that the series has been all about. Will Entwistle be tapped for the part?

What direction would he decide to go in? Make sure you continue to follow The Illuminerdi for answers to those questions, as well as Power Rangers news and comments.


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