PS5 Specs Revealed…IS The Design Reveal Coming Next?

Sony has revealed the PS5 specs ahead of its holiday release in a recent conference.
PS5 Logo

Sony has finally revealed more about the PlayStation 5, as they continue to aim for a holiday release. What did they uncover though? Well, the biggest reveal was the PS5 specs.

During a conference held to discuss the future of the PlayStation, the specs behind the new PS5 were presented. How do the specs look? We now know, thanks to intel supplied by Wario64. The new specs could be worse, but they definitely fall a bit short of its competition, particularly with the Xbox Series X’s teraflops.

PS5 Specs Breakdown

PS5 specs

Surely, they have to finally reveal the new design in the near future. Fans have been waiting for so long just to get a glimpse of the console’s, likely slick, design. Nope, all fans got out of this conference was an understanding of how powerful the machine will be. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. Everyone needs to know the facts before making a purchasing decision. In addition, they’ve continued to keep its price tag and design under lock and key and have absolutely no indication of changing course.

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It’s hard to tell when this will be released, but at least fans can look over the specs and get idea of the new Playstation’s processing power. It took Sony until January to reveal what the logo of the console was going to look like, despite the fact they used the same logo convention as its previous consoles.

Watch the full conference here:

Are you going excited for the console? What do you think of the PS5 specs? What console do you think will be the best selling console? Tell us below!


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