Were The Power Rangers Time Force Responsible For Splintering Timelines And Creating New Dimensions?

We explore if the Time Force is responsible for all the alternate dimensions in the overall franchise's canon.

We know that multiple dimensions exist within the Power Ranger universe, but what if all these dimensions are based off the creation of a Ranger team?

The Time Force Rangers have left quite a legacy in the history of the Power Rangers. Now, let’s take a deeper look into the power of Time Force.


We know that Time Force works to prevent any changes to their timeline no matter the cost. We also know in the year 3000, time travel is no problem for them. There is no question that the agency has other advanced scientific properties at their feet. This may explain why their world didn’t come to an end when Doctor K released the Venjix virus, or why dinosaurs still run around in other timelines.

Dino Charge

Time Force Altering History

A fan theory suggests that whenever something is happening that can be labeled a “time-altering event,” that’s too big for them to stop. The Time Force Rangers can veer the timeline off the original track and let the events play out without any damage to them. For example, when Venjix infected the computer systems and destroyed the major cities in Power Rangers RPM, a new timeline was made to splinter the original timeline.

Here is another example. After the final battle with Sledge in Dino Charge, the dinosaurs were spared from extinction. This event was too massive to alter, so Time Force skewed it off the original timeline.


It does make you wonder why they didn’t do this on their series or explained it during “Dimensions In Danger,” the 25th-anniversary episode. The theory would suggest that if Time Force had intervened in either event, this would create a paradox. It can be said that the disaster was happening because their own timeline was in danger, due to their actions in various points of time. When all the dimensions were in jeopardy of destruction in the Dimensions In Danger, that’s when they had to jump in and do something to prevent it.

Power Rangers Time Force

If all that has been said is making your head swim, it’s because temporal mechanics is not easy. The point of this theory is that Time Force may be responsible for all the alternate dimensions in the overall franchise’s canon.

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