Breakdown of New Stargirl Trailer Spotlights The Injustice Society of America

The new Stargirl trailer gives a first look at the members of the Injustice Society.
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The new Stargirl trailer gives a first look at the members of the Injustice Society.

The premiere of Stargirl is only weeks away and a new trailer has been released that gives us a look at the villains of the upcoming DC series, The Injustice Society of America. As we previously reported, the premiere of Stargirl was delayed to May 18 on DC Universe streaming service, with the next day broadcast premiere on The CW May 19. But in the meantime, fans are getting a first look at the full injustice Society roster in the new promo.

Stargirl Trailer

In the trailer, Pat Dugan, Courtney Whimore’s stepfather, tells the young hero that a decade ago the Injustice Society of America wiped out the Justice Society. Which killed not only Starman, who Dugan was the sidekick of as “Stripesy”, but many others as well.

Dugan notably names The Flash as one of the fallen Justice Society members. In the Justice Society of America photo, the costume looks similar to Garrick’s as well with the large lightning stripe covering The Flash’s chest. Along with a helmet much like the one Jay Garrick wore, this makes it clearer than ever that Stargirl is taking place on one of the other Earths that was created following “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”


Courtney appears unimpressed with Dugan’s warning making fun of his and the original Justice Society’s lack of originality when it comes to naming. However, the group looks fairly impressive and considering they already wiped out the original Justice Society, this is not a group of villains to be taken lightly. This trailer gives the first real look at each Injustice Society member, showing a quick glimpse of each in action. 

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