DC Universe’s Days May Be Numbered Due to HBO Max According To A New Business Report

With the release of HBO Max coming in just a few weeks, we ponder what this means for the future of Warner Bros' other streaming service, DC Universe.

With the release of HBO Max coming in just a few weeks, people have started to wonder what this means for the future of Warner Bros’ other streaming service, DC Universe.

A report from Business Insider suggests that the future of the DC Universe could be up in the air as a former employee had this to say.

“Everything is about HBO Max now.”

This is a major divergence from how things were looking like back in 2018 when DC Universe was being considered top priority for Warner Bros. Now it seems that HBO Max is Warner’s new top priority, which honestly makes a lot of sense in this new age of streaming.


It’s also important to point out HBO Max will have its own DC superhero shows on the service, such as Green Lantern and Justice League Dark.These new programs will not be available on DC Universe, a platform known for being a streaming service for DC superheroes.

DC Universe’s Focus on Comics

When another former employee was asked about the future of DC Universe, he offered this interesting nugget.

“Most of the people who I’d worked with were confused about what HBO Max means for DC Universe. It seems like DC Universe is emphasizing its comics and nobody really seems to know where video falls into that.”

When DC Universe initially launched it was touted for its back catalog of DC shows and movies, but also its enormous back catalog of comics for fans to read.

This is interesting to think about, because it seems like the people behind DC Universe may be trying to transition the service into solely a comic streaming service.

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