Power Rangers Dino Fury Character Breakdowns Revealed

We pore over the available synopsis and character breakdowns for Power Rangers Dino Fury to see what hints we can unearth.

With the nationwide lockdown it seems that all of Hollywood has locked down with it. However, casting for Power Rangers Dino Fury is still underway, with actors sending in self-tapes in hopes to become apart of the next Power Rangers team.

We at The Illuminerdi thought it was high time to go over some of the character breakdowns for the upcoming season, and try to pick apart what they mean.


It seems that production has provided descriptions for a male Ranger named Brad and a female Ranger named Harriet, although it is important to note that these will probably not be the final names for the characters. After all, the same names were previously used when casting for Ninja Steel and Beast Morphers.

Character Breakdowns, Here We Come

Let’s start off with the male Ranger, Brad:

[BRAD] 18-23 year old male to play 16-18. Any ethnicity. 5’5” to 6’1”, with an athletic trim build. Brad is a confident, good-hearted and courageous young man. Looking for charismatic good actors. Excellent physical ability is important – We are seeking Superheroes with strong athletic abilities such as martial arts, dance, gymnastics or acrobatics.

It seems that this is a general casting for any male ranger, although the courageous trait leads me to believe that individuals specifically auditioning for this role are probably meant to play the Red Ranger. As stated previously, we only have descriptions for one male and one female Ranger – so they may just be casting generally as opposed to specific characters for this round of auditions.

Moving on to the female Ranger, Harriet:

[HARRIET] 18 to 23 years old to look 16 or 17, all ethnicities female with an athletic slim build. Height should be 5’4 – 5’8″. Harriet is a confident, good-hearted and courageous female. She should be charismatic and have good acting skills. Excellent physical ability is important. – We are seeking Superheroes with strong athletic abilities such as martial arts, dance, gymnastics or acrobatics.

Once again, it’s another general description that could be used for any of the female Rangers. The difference here is that we know that this has to be for the Pink Ranger, as there is unfortunately only one female Ranger in the Dino Fury team. In fact. the description is almost the same as Brad’s so it really seems that Hasbro is looking for the same type of people to play these parts.

Power Rangers Dino Fury’s Comedic Duo

dino fury comedic duo

Of course, with the casting of the Rangers comes the casting of Dino Fury‘s comedic duo – a staple which has been a mainstay for Power Rangers since Power Rangers Ninja Steel. It seems like this comedic duo at least has an interesting twist, however.

Jean (30-40) is a zealous entrepreneur who is presenting her new product in an infomercial with the help of an emotionless alien Zorb (18-35). They are always getting into comedic situations, resulting in over-the-top slapstick. Great timing, improve, & physical comedy abilities are important.


Before we get into the obvious change here, I have to point out that it does seem like they are looking for a much older comedic duo this time around which is interesting to see. Furthermore, Zorb is being described as an alien. This goes in line with the official synopsis released a while back, as it mentioned that the villains were aliens as opposed to a more general form of monsters.

Given that Zorb is an alien, this could possible tie Jean and Zorb into the main villains of Dino Fury in some way. It could also be possible that they are in a Brody and Mick situation, where they were involved with the villains to start with but later decided to leave them and help the Rangers.

The Rangers Are Being Described As High School Students

The character breakdowns also gave us a look at what the story of Power Rangers Dino Fury could be, and it might raise some eyebrows.

Storyline: POWER RANGERS: A group of Male and Female all ethnicity teens, 18-23 years old to portray 15-18 year old high school students. They are all nice looking, charismatic, energetic and outgoing. All must have positive attitudes and a genuine sense of confidence. They should have super hero looks with average height and in great physical condition. Must have strong athletic skills such as martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics or dance.

Before everyone freaks out, it should be noted that this is the same synopsis from when they were casting for Beast Morphers, and obviously they aren’t High School students. With that in mind, it could be possible that they are just looking for people who look like they are in High School without actually making them that young within the world of the show.

All of this is still up in the air, of course, and things could still change before they end of shooting. Either way, I don’t think the High School thing is too much to look at.

What do you guys think of these character descriptions for Power Rangers Dino Fury? Does this get you more or less excited for Power Rangers Dino Fury? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to follow The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news just like this in the future!

Power Rangers Dino Fury is set to air on Nickelodeon sometime in 2021.



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