Power Rangers Beast Morphers 11 Review: The Greater Good

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 11 continues the season's recent trend of great episodes with "The Greater Good".

Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 11 continues the season’s recent trend of great episodes with The Greater Good“.

The episode starts off with Chaku trying to take out a fire when the rangers show up. Chaku tells the rangers that some Tronics stole some Morph-X but he was unable to stop them in time. The rangers are understanding and the Commander asks Chaku if he would be willing to join Grid Battleforce full time, which he accepts.


Shortly after Ben and Betty help Chaku move some of his personal belongings into his quarters a Grid Battleforce. Once Ben and Betty leave after being almost eaten by Chaku’s alien plant he gets a call from his daughter from his homeworld. His daughter asks him to take off his helmet so she can see him see him smile but he says he’s still on duty so can’t. Meanwhile, Nate accidentally walks into conversations and reminiscences about his own familial problems.

The Beast Morphers rangers are called into action when they suspect Ryjack is trying to steal Morph-X from the supply underneath Grid Battleforce. The rangers and Captain Chaku go to confront Ryjack however they are unsuccessful as he is able to escape.

After their battle with Ryjack Nate confronts Chaku about the conversation he overheard with his daughter. Nate confides in Chaku about his family problems and my Chaku would accept a job at Grid Battleforce when he has a family at his home planet. Chaku tells Nate that it isn’t that simple and takes off his helmet revealing himself as a cyborg. He explains that to handle the power of his robotic armor the Intergalactic Police Force turned him into a cyborg. He tells Nate that he doesn’t want his daughter to see him like this when Ryjack starts to attack again.

beast morphers captain chaku cyborg

The Beast Morphers along with Captain Chaku once again confront Ryjack. This time Ryjack is able to grow to Megazord size causing the Rangers to go into their Beast-X King Ultrazord. The rangers are struggling to hold their own against Ryjack until Chaku shows up with his own zord-like vessel known as the Reptilobeast. Together the rangers with the help of Chaku are able to defeat Ryjack once and for all completing Captain Chaku’s mission.


Back at Grid Battleforce Chaku asks the Rangers how else he can help them in the future. The Commander says that she doesn’t believe that that is truly what he wants. Nate then shows Chaku the device that turned Steel into half-human saying that he can reverse it to remove Chaku’s cybernetic parts making him a full human again. They use it successfully making Chaku a full human again allowing him to return home to his daughter.

Later on, the Beast Morphers rangers receive a call from Chaku and his daughter thanking him for turning him back into a human allowing him to leave to Intergalactic Police Force and be there for his daughter, ending the episode.

Another Morphenomenal Episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers!

This episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers is once again full of emotion and epic fight scenes. The writers did a really good job of making the fans care for a character that we just met giving him a good backstory and conclusion. The Ben and Betty bits weren’t overly distracting this episode which is something the fans tend to take issue with so it’s nice to see the writers finding their perfect balance there.

What were your thoughts on the episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers? Would you like to see more episodes like this in future seasons of the show? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to come back to The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content like this in the future!



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