Critical Role Set To Return July 2

Critical Role is set to return for episode 100 of Campaign 2, in a social-distance studio set-up and more!
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Critical Role is set to return for episode 100 of Campaign 2, in a social-distance studio set-up and more!

In a special State Of The Role announcement Creative Director and cast member Marisha Ray shared the news all critters have been waiting for…Critical Role will return July 2! Critical Role is a web series featuring a cast of professional voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons. The series is on its second campaign which began in January 2018.

Watch Marisha Ray detail Critical Role’s return:

Like many other productions, Critical Role had to take a hiatus due to the ongoing global pandemic. All in studio live broadcasts including the flagship show Critical Role, the after show Talks Machina, and many more have had to be put on hold. 

While they have had to stop production on their shows, Critical Role has been working to create content for their fans remotely. All Work No Play converted to AWNP: Unplugged where Sam Riegel and Liam O’Brien would check in with each other and other guests including cast members Ashley Johnson and Matt Mercer as well as Critical Role guest Khary Payton. 

The Critical Role cast has been giving us great new content like, Narrative Telephone based on the kids game telephone with hilarious results. Travis Willingham’s Yee-Haw Game Ranch has become Yee-Haw Off The Ranch with Ashley Johnson taking over with Travis’ regular costar for the show Brian W. Foster. And while this content has been fantastic and very much appreciated by the fans we have been eagerly waiting for the Mighty Nein’s adventures to continue. 

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The New Changes To Critical Role

In order to keep the cast and crew safe while restarting Critical Role there are a few changes. The cast will each sit at their own table now spaced out between 7-20 feet apart and only the crew members necessary will be in the studio. Critical Role will also be pre-taped instead of live for the time being. That being said the show will continue to be uncut, unedited game play. 

The news is exciting, but if it becomes unsafe to continue production it may have to be halted once again. The team has worked hard to go above and beyond what is required to try and make sure everyone involved will be as safe as possible and while fans definitely want to see more of the Mighty Nein’s escapades we want to be sure the cast and crew stays safe first and foremost.

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In other exciting news, a remote version of Talks Machina looks like it is on the horizon as well. Ray says that once the new version of Critical Role is figured out, work will begin on the chaotically funny Talks Machina. Other remote programming like Narrative Telephone will also continue so we will get to see Travis Willingham and Taliesin Jaffe’s stories and watch as the cast fumbles their way through them. 

Watch Critical Role episode 100 of Campaign 2 on Thursday July 2 at 7pm Pacific on Are you excited for the series to return? Are you happy that the remote content like Narrative Telephone will continue? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media.

[Page 2 will include spoilers so for those of you not caught up on Campaign 2.]


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