Donald Glover Rumored for A Lando Return

A Donald Glover-helmed Lando series may be in the works for Disney+, expanding their Star Wars library even farther, and our best bet is that there will be a lot of capes.
Donald Glover as Lando

Well, well, what have we here? A Donald Glover-starring Lando series may be in the works for Disney+, and our best bet is that there will be a lot of capes.

Lando For The Calrissian Chronicles Perhaps?

Noah Outlaw of Kessel Run Radio dropped the news this morning stating that Donald Glover is set to reprise his Lando role from Solo in a series for Disney+.

Watching Glover’s Lando jump from star system to star system and continue to deal with crime syndicates like the Crimson Dawn would be welcomed warmly by fans. While losing money at the box office, Solo has emerged as a fan favorite after landing on streaming platforms. Understandably, they may not want to commit to another feature with these characters.


That’s why Disney+ is the perfect platform for their stories can continue. A Maul/Qi’ra series to follow, hopefully?

donald glover as lando

Not Done Yet…

There are other rumors circulating that Billy Dee may also be reprising his version of the character in the future. He offered this cryptic message back during the Rise of Skywalker junkets last winter:

Could it be the same series as Glover? Maybe with an older version recounting his past exploits? Perhaps it tells the story, post Episode IX, where both Jannah (Naomi Ackie) and Lando scour the galaxy for all the young defects from the First Order. Such an adventure was hinted at during the celebration post the Emperor’s demise.

That’s a whole lotta Lando! Are you excited? Do you think they’re involved on the same project, and what could their shows be about? Sound off below!


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