New Kamen Rider Saber Details Revealed

The world of Kamen Rider is preparing to enter a new world in a new era. The recent season of Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Zero-One is coming to an end, as the next season, Kamen Rider Saber has made its public debut.

Kamen Rider Saber will be the 2nd Rider introduced during the new Reiwa Era, which signifies to the introduction of the emperor of Japan Naruhito who has taken office.

The Kamen Rider Saber press conference introduced the cast and director of the next season and we have some of the new details. The season will be directed by Takayuki Shibasaki, who has worked in the Kamen Rider franchise before. The writing will also be done by Takuro Fukuda who worked on Kamen Rider Ghost.


A First Look At Kamen Rider Saber

The story of the series was given at the conference and it looks like the show will incorporate fairy tales and fantasy stories that sound like it will mesh against a modern world. An evil group called Megiddo is tracking chapters from the book which are spread around the world.

The riders known as the Sword of Logos will fight to clam the book for good. Now that we have a grasp on what the story is about, it is time to look at the heroes who will be included in this battle

  • • Kamen Rider Saber- this will be the main rider, his name is Touma Kamiyama, he is a writer and owns a bookstore. He will get the power of saber by the sword of fire, Rekka
  • • Kamen Rider Blades – (Not to be confused with Kamen Rider Blade which was an older Kamen Rider series that aired.) His name is Rintaro Shindo, he will wield the sword of water Nagare. His character is someone dedicated to law and order
  • • Kamen Rider Espada – Wielding the power of lightning from the sword Ikazuchi, will be Kento Fukamiya who is a childhood friend of Saber
  • • Kamen Rider Kenzan – The 4th rider will be a green rider with the Sword of Wind, Hayate will be Ren Akamichi. The character is described as someone who has a high level of self-esteem and sees Kamen Rider Saber as a rival to him
  • • Kamen Rider Caliber – This rider will be an unknown to the other riders. His character name and actor were not revealed at the press conference. He will be working for the bad guys Megiddo and attempting to stop the other riders.


It looks like this series will be diving into the elements with the various swords and the riders that will wield them. It seems that the series will start with five riders but there is a good chance that the total number of Kamen Riders in the series could than ten. This is not a new concept in the world of Kamen Riders as Kamen Rider Ryuki had 13 riders in the series.

An introduction video has been posted on Bandai’s page which shows the characters of this new Kamen Rider Series. More news is bound to be revealed as the show gets closer to premiere date which is set for September 6th, 2020.

Kamen Rider Saber | Kamen Rider Wiki | Fandom

Are you excited about this new entry in the Kamen Rider franchise? Will you check out Kamen Rider Saber this September? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to come back to The Illuminerdi for more Kamen Rider news like this in the near future!



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