Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Holy War Part Two

Wynonna Earp delivers a powerful midseason finale that will have long lasting repercussions for the rest of the season be it good or bad.

[Warning: this contains major spoilers for Season 4 Episode 6 of Wynonna Earp, “Holy War Part Two”]

Wynonna Earp caps off the first half of season four with a powerful episode including a proposal, an unforgivable act, and the long-awaited return of Peacemaker. Nicole has been drowned in a ritual exorcism to break the spell that has been put on her. But not to worry, our beloved former sheriff isn’t dead…she’s just in a frog for the moment. While Jeremy, Nedley, Waverly, and Nicole try to break the spell the Clantons have put on her, Wynonna and Doc continue to work to get peacemaker back. Wynonna brings Rosita to the nuns who want the two women to fight to the death.

Ma’am Clanton isn’t too happy with Nicole trying to break their deal and sends Reaper Billy after Waverly. Wynonna manages to call Peacemaker back to her and defeat the demon nun freeing the others who turn out to be victims of Wyatt Earp similar to Rosita, who became a Revenant not because she was a horrible criminal, but merely collateral damage. Wynonna also learns that Ma’am Clanton was the one who planned to buy baby Alice. Waverly confronts Ma’am Clanton killing the witch with her angel powers.


Wynonna meets up with Waverly at the Clanton’s and after Doc manages to broker peace between the Earps and Holt, the new Clanton heir, Wynonna shoots Holt in the back as he walks away with Doc. The episode ends with the beautiful and touching WayHaught proposal that fans have been looking forward to.


Rosita and Wynonna obviously have a bad history. Given that Wynonna made it clear that she would kill Rosita to end the curse and protect her family. But, what is so interesting and really hits home during their interactions in this episode is had circumstances been different the two, they would have likely been friends. Wynonna and Rosita work together to survive a demon nun who tries to force them to fight to the death, after beating on each other for a bit.

Wynonna calling on and berating Peacemaker makes her choice clear. Rosita asks why Wynonna Earp needs Peacemaker if the Earp curse is over and she tells the Revenant that her work isn’t done. Wynonna isn’t done yet, she still has demons to kill and people to protect even without the curse. Wynonna Earp has found her true calling.


After Wynonna Earp is finally reunited with peacemaker she kills the demon nun who has apparently been holding the other nuns against their will. She soon learns from Rosita that they too were unlucky victims of Wyatt Earp. The shine has really come off Wynonna Earp’s famous ancestor this season with not only Doc, but now Wynonna seeing the famous gunslinger in a new light. Wyatt didn’t just take out horrible violent criminals, but women who were innocent victims simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rosita’s decision to stay makes sense given she fits the descriptor of woman scorned and she too was collateral damage of Wyatt Earp’s actions. She may have even found a place where she can find a bit of peace with old friends. Hopefully we see Rosita and the nuns show up again in the future, because her interactions with everyone are always fantastic. Although her reveal that Ma’am Clanton was going to buy baby Alice may be the last straw for Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “Holy War Part II” Episode 406 — Pictured: Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Holt truly considered Doc’s interest in finding peace last episode and the sheriff wants that too. He wants to live a normal life, helping people as the sheriff and finding love without the blood feud holding him back. Doc has found a kinship with Holt Clanton, with both having that old west cowboy mentality of doing what is necessary, but also hoping for a peaceful life without need for bloodshed.


Waverly once again used her mysterious celestial powers to kill just as she did at the end of last season with Bobo. It was understandable and could be seen as justified seeing as Ma’am was never going to stop and at the time was actively trying to kill both Nicole and Waverly herself. In the moment her actions seemed almost instinctual and in the aftermath,  Waverly was clearly in shock. There is no doubt that Waverly will have to deal with the fact that she not only killed someone, but she has these powers that she doesn’t really understand or know how to use.


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