Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 9 Listing Codes Spotted

Lightning Collection

Well Ranger fans, it is time to pull out your magnifying glasses and your best sherlock homes impression. The hunt for the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 9. That is right the ninth wave is going to go off with a BANG!

Youtuber and Lightning Collection detective @LightningFigPR released an emergency video about new codes that have been found for Wave 9.

First Look At Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 9

Now it’s time for us to take a look at these codes and see if we can speculate on what some of these newly discovered Lightning Collection figures could be.

lightning collection adam

The first clue is a Walmart code MARS ADAM, he talks about the “Mars” part being in the 7th wave and the ADAM part could be touching on a release of Mighty Morphin Black Ranger II, Adam Park. He goes on to theorize it could be a release of Adam from the Operation Overdrive crossover “Once A Ranger” where Adam uses the defender vest against villain Thrax.

This could be a release of an Adam head sculpture with a regular MMPR body or even the first movie lightning figure. This small grain should give you plenty to hypothesize about.

The next piece of information he found was through the help of fellow YouTuber Martian_Ranger and it looks the code found is LGY Earth now it seems the Lgy portion is used in Wave 8 with a Jupiter after it. He goes on to explain that this could be a blue ranger in response to a potential red ranger in Wave 8.


Here’s where I throw in my thoughts, now I am sure it’s impossible but what if LGY is code for Lost Galaxy and the plan may be release a Lost Galaxy Red Ranger single figure since one was released in a 2 pack and this “Earth” is the Lost Galaxy Blue Ranger? Hmm something to ponder over, back to the video, our fella continues the hunt and found two more listings.

The first is RAD Mercury, he goes on to explain the use of RAD used in a two-pack before and is in the 8th wave under RAD Neptune. Now when I saw this listing, I thought maybe it could be the Mercury Ranger from Operation Overdrive and it would be a new series introduced in the line but that is my thought of course.

Tenga Warriors | RangerWiki | Fandom

He goes on to explain finding a code using Zth TANGA he speculates and so do I that this may be introducing the Tenga Warriors from the 3rd season of Mighty Morphin as well as the movie. It seems to hit the nail on the head by the name but the use of ZTH is used in the 7th and 8th Waves.

So, there are your clues, start using those decoder rings and let us know what you think this wave is featuring. Make sure to check more from LightingFig on his YouTube channel Toku Topics and Martian_Ranger on his YouTube channel and keep decoding with The Illuminerdi for more Power Ranger News and Content



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