Hasbro Pulse Con Reveals New Power Rangers Goodies For Fans

Lightning Collection

Hasbro Pulse Con continued today as the panel on the Power Rangers took the stage today. The team at Hasbro came on and revealed the official shots of the next wave was presented and some new surprises. So, let us take a look. Hasbro Pulse Con Reveals The team introduced the “retro” power rangers’ line […]

Digimon Adventure Movie Features New digivices: Exclusive Clip


The new Digimon movie features a new Smartphone Digivice, and a brand-new look for the original design. Each Digi-destined is now using a smartphone as their Digivice, with each having their respective crest on the back of the case. Before, the first Digivice owned by the original Digi-destined was a basic light grey colour, along […]