Hasbro Pulse Con Reveals New Power Rangers Goodies For Fans

Lightning Collection

Hasbro Pulse Con continued today as the panel on the Power Rangers took the stage today. The team at Hasbro came on and revealed the official shots of the next wave was presented and some new surprises. So, let us take a look.

Hasbro Pulse Con Reveals


The team introduced the “retro” power rangers’ line which is bringing the classic flip Morphin head figures. They did some nice remakes of some of the figures and bumped up some of the articulation that was not in the original releases. The rangers in this line do keep the same bulky frames that had back in the 90s which is a treat.

The packaging of the figures returns to the look of the original boxes so it will be a blast to the past with this new line. So far, the four rangers set to be released are Red, Blue, Black, and Pink. They are set to be available on Walmart tonight.


The next product up to display was the 12 inch Zeo Megazord, which is set to be already assembled and has great articulation to it, which when shown off by one of the Hasbro team really gives it a great example. The packaging of the box once again is set back to the original boxes that came with Power Rangers Zeo figures. The Megazord is set to be available to purchase tonight.


The Hasbro team then introduced us to the new line of Lightning Collection which is Lightning Collection Monsters. The 1st two set to be coming down the line is Mighty Morphin monsters King Sphinx and the pumpkin rapper.

The designs look amazing and a fun design is with the pumpkin rapper, which will come with mini pumpkins that can be attached to the lightning collection rangers you have so you can recreate some famous scenes from the episodes. The scale of this line seems to be 7 inches which towers over the rangers so you will want to get your hands on them.


The Team now announces the versus collection of figures. Some of the past like lost galaxy red and psycho red. The new pack to start off the line is with SPD. The 1st is S.P.D Blue vs A-Squad Blue Ranger and it looks awesome the details in both are great it will be an amazing release. The package is set to include a head sculpt of SPD Blue; Sky played by Chris Violette. Also, it includes his weapons and his SPD Morpher badge. On the A-Squad side, no head sculpt but a nice blaster and lightning effect.


The next versus set will be Brother Vs Sister, In Space’s Astronoma and Andros. The head sculps of Christopher Khayman Lee and Melony Perkins look awesome, the blue wig worn during the episodes where Astronoma and Andros learn of their connection is used in this set. The packaging will include Andros’ spiral saber and Astro blaster and Astronoma will have her Staff, her Boomerang weapon, chest armor, and necklace.

hasbro pulse pink ranger

Finally, the team has its next release shining like a diamond. The newest lighting collection figures will be the metallic armor power rangers. Introduced in mighty Morphin, the metallic armor is a shiny touch to the suits used to help the Rangers win the battle and started a big discussion with fans on its effectiveness and appearance. The first ranger with Hasbro’s takes on the metallic is the pink ranger.

This new ranger will come with nice shiny paint to the suit that really shows off the work made on the figure. The head sculpt will give fans their first Katherine Hillard played by Catherine Sutherland. Her head sculpt looks nice and is a welcome addition to the set. It looks like the metallic armor rangers will be released one by one and will be a good addition to fans.

The team also showed off the Wave 7 figures which already leaked online prior to the event.

What reveal is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay with The Illuminerdi for more ranger news and content


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