Black Adam: Aldis Hodge Is The New Hawkman For the DCEU

Ladies and gentlemen, the DCEU has finally found it’s Hawkman!
aldis hodge as hawkman

Ladies and gentlemen, the DCEU has finally found it’s Hawkman!

Hawkman, AKA Carter Hall, was officially revealed to be a part of the upcoming Black Adam film at DC Fandome last August, though fans already learned about his role in the film several months ago. The Hollywood Reporter first broke news that Aldis Hodge (Hidden Figures, Straight Outta Compton, The Invisible Man), was in the final stages of negotiation for the role, and shortly afterwards, Dwayne Johnson, our very own Black Adam officially welcomed Hodge to the team on social media.

Hawkman, who is one of the senior members of the Justice Society of America alongside Doctor Fate, was described by Johnson as a “critical leading role”, which is great news for fans of the winged crime fighter.

The teaser above brought me great joy, not only as a JSA fan, but as the author of an exclusive article titled “WB Eyeing Alexander Skarsgard To Play Hawkman”. The Hawkman displayed in the teaser bore a complexion not unlike that of Mr. Skarsgard, which gave me a bit more hope that WB would land the actor after all.

While that didn’t happen, I can honestly say that I am thrilled about the casting of Aldis Hodge as Carter Hall, and could not have imagined an actor more fit for the role. His passionate performance in The Invisible Man was the highlight of the film, and I have no doubt that he will bring a fierce intensity to the character which will match that of The Rock’s Black Adam. 


Seeing Skarsgard cast would have made me happy as a journalist, but as a DC fan, seeing Hodge cast made me ecstatic. At the end of the day, sharing our love and passion for these characters and this unique world of storytelling is the most important part of the job. Aldis Hodge is only the third official cast member of Black Adam, joining Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, AKA Albert Rothstein, and of course, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. Roles for Cyclone and Doctor Fate have yet to be announced, but with production scheduled for early 2021, casting announcements should be right around the corner. 

Aldis Hodge Received The Hawkman News From The Rock Himself

Whenever the rest of the cast is announced, they will have quite the difficult time matching the sheer exuberance of Hodge, whose reaction to being cast was revealed by The Rock on social media. 

The passion that these men have for this project is tangible, and it makes me very optimistic about the future of the Black Adam franchise. Should Hodge and the rest of the Justice Society prove to be popular enough in their debut appearance, they could headline their own film franchise someday. If he is really lucky, maybe WarnerMedia will give him an HBOMax spin-off series before the film even releases, which always works out well! DC is nothing if not committed to their prematurely announced spin-offs. 

Sarcasm aside, Aldis Hodge as Carter Hall is a fantastic choice, and I hope that he has a bright future in the DC Extended Universe.

Personally, I’m dreaming of a Black Adam sequel headlined by Johnson, Hodge and Centineo, that brings the Black Reign team to the big screen. The group first appeared in Geoff Johns’ JSA #51, and are noteworthy for their excessively violent approach to justice. My hope is that the tales of Black Adam and Hawkman blur the lines of morality in an engaging,  authentic, and provocative way, and I know that Aldis Hodge could bring that hope to life, with the right script and direction. 


How did you feel about Aldis Hodge being cast as the DCEU’s Hawkman in Black Adam? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media! 



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