Power rangers movie reboot movie find its new writer In Bryan Edward Hill

After announcing that the Power Rangers movie reboot will be helmed by Jonathan Entwistle, Hasbro and Eone have found their screenwriter: Bryan Edward Hill.
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Titans writer Bryan Edward Hill is headed to Power Rangers.

This has been a big week for the Power Rangers franchise. After Hasbro and Eone has announced that the Power Rangers movie reboot and future television adaptations will be helmed by Jonathan Entwistle, fans have been clamoring for news. Now Hasbro and Eone have just announced they have found their screenwriter for said movie reboot: highly prolific writer and creator Bryan Edward Hill.

Bryan Edward Hill is a respected African-American creative writer who has previously worked on comic books, television and film. Hill has written for some of the biggest comic companies such as Top Cow, Boom Studios, Vertigo, DC, and Marvel. Hill also recently adapted the Comic Book series Black for Studio 8. Hill also helped re-wrote the film I Am Yours for Paramount Pictures.


Other films that hill wrote for are Gone, The Russian Specialist, and the Phantom. But Hill is more known for being a Co-Producer on the current hit DC Series Titans.

What Bryan Edward Hill Means For Power Rangers

bryan edward hill writing power rangers

Hill has the experience in writing for many Superhero franchises and companies so it is not a surprised Hasbro and Eone signed him for the film project as its writer. With Hill writing the new Power Rangers Movie many fans are speculating and wondering how his vision will be for the franchise. From his early work from writing comic books and films fans can only hope Hill can deliver a film that will garner positive feedback. Only time will tell as fans wait for the next theatrical adaptation for this iconic franchise.

Power Rangers is a current long continuing American and entertainment franchise that has been going for twenty-seven years. Based on the hit Japanese TV franchise (Which it takes stock footage from) Super Sentai, it’s been entertaining and inspiring fans for twenty-seven years. It’s current television adaptation Power Rangers Beast Morphers is currently airing on Nickelodeon. The franchise has made three theatrical adaptations, twenty-seven TV series, multiple successful toy lines and comic book series. The future of Power Rangers is bright.

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