Young Bucks Talk About Wanting to Work With Impact For The Last Two Years

The working relationship between AEW and Impact Wrestling is now official. The Young Bucks always ready to kill the business reveal this partnership is a long time in the making.
AEW Young Bucks

The working relationship between AEW and Impact Wrestling is now official. The Young Bucks always ready to kill the business reveal this partnership is a long time in the making.

As we reported earlier, this past Wednesday the Impact Wrestling Co-Executive Vice President Don Callis helped Kenny Omega win the AEW World Championship. After the match Callis announced Omega will appear on Impact on Tuesday. This was the official beginning of the new partnership between Impact and AEW.

The Young Bucks on the New Partnership

AEW Young Bucks

However, according to the AEW Executive Vice Presidents the Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, this is something which has been in the works for the past two years. The Young Bucks recently spoke with Jon Alba and Doug McDonald from the Living The Gimmick podcast and talked about making the partnership and wanting to do it earlier.

“Two years ago, this is something we brought up and wanted to get going. For whatever reason, it didn’t work out. I don’t know if it was more on our side or what, we just couldn’t get everyone to agree on what the creative would be, but when we were stopping at all the Indie shows, that was one of the suggestions we had; ‘what if we showed up in Impact?’

This is something we’ve been whispering in Tony Khan’s ear for two years. We’re all about collaboration and partnering with everyone and working together. Even with Ring of Honor and we got The Hardyz to come in when they were with Impact. This is something we truly wanted to do for a very long time. Finally, the timing was right and we got it done. It’s still so early and all of us, collectively, don’t know what it means. We’re still dipping our toes in it right now and we’ll see what we get out of it.

There are immediate plans that I can’t give away right now. My dream, if I had it my way, is the possible dream matches. How can you not jump ahead and fantasy book? You also don’t want to get too ahead of yourself. Are we going to do that stuff? I’m not sure yet, we’re still in the beginning of this, but there are some big surprises coming and I’m really excited about it,” Matt said.

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Why Partner With Impact?

TNA/Impact Young Bucks

I am really surprised that the Young Bucks pushed so hard for a partnership with Impact. Impact doesn’t have a lot of high level guys. Most of the really good guys are gone and in WWE or in AEW. It would have made a lot more sense to try and partner up with NJPW as Young Bucks and Omega came over from NJPW and probably have a good relationship with them. The Young Bucks used to wrestle in Impact back when it was TNA, but that was years ago and the whole promotion has changed since.


I’m very interested to see what comes of this partnership.  A lot of fantasy matches will hopefully happen now.  It’s more in the women’s division than the men’s, but still I’m sure there are some decent tag teams in Impact for the Young Bucks or the Lucha Brothers to wrestle.

Is there a dream Impact tag match you want to see the Young Bucks in? Or perhaps a different AEW tag team in? Is there anything you are really hoping to see happen because of this partnership? Take those comments and invite them to a Superkick party. The application is below.


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