Simon Bennett Discusses The Process Of Making Power Rangers Dino Fury A Reality

Showrunner Simon Bennett

With everything going on in the world because of COVID-19, making new entertainment is quite a challenge. The current showrunner of Power Rangers, Simon Bennett talks about the journey to getting the new season of Power Rangers, Dino Fury into production and on our TV screens.

With the current season, Beast Morphers making a fantastic impression, Bennett talks about the steps to Dino Fury’s success and why it was worth the wait. Here is what he had to say about it:

“You have to remember we filmed the finale, I think, in April last year. How long is that? It’s many, many months ago, so I’ve been working on Dino Fury since May of last year. As soon as I came off Beast Morphers, I went for a one-week holiday with my family. Then I was into developing and working with Chip and the writers on the new season. That was in development for a good 18 months before production got underway. Coming up with the concept and the story outlines, and writing all those scripts through all their various drafts, and accommodating all the feedback and the notes and the input – it’s not a quick process, and a lot of thought goes into it. By the time filming starts, pretty much the whole season has been worked out.”

Power Rangers Dino Fury Roars Into Production

It looks like Bennett knows that time is a tool that has to be used wisely. He seems to have been working on Dino Fury for most of the year even with all the setbacks and shutdowns of the entertainment world.

It is good to see that Bennett is using the time to delve deep into the process of bringing the new season to a fantastic premiere and making sure it is done well. So here is to see a great season of Dino Fury and much more with Simon Bennett.

The Challenges of Creating Power Rangers Dino Fury | Den of Geek

Will you be checking out Dino Fury next year? Are you excited for what could be one of the best seasons yet? Let us know in the comments below and make sure you stay morphed with The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news and content!



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