The Mandalorian Chapter 16 “The Rescue” Review: A New Star Wars Classic

The Mandalorian concluded its sophomore season in spectacular fashion, likely leaving most of its fanbase in tears as the entire Star Wars galaxy came full circle.
The Mandalorian Din and Grogu Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian concluded its sophomore season in spectacular fashion, likely leaving most of its fanbase in tears as the entire Star Wars galaxy came full circle. “The Rescue” is a triumph, tying up the season’s storylines, providing electrifying action, and setting up the future narrative to explore fresh, new ground.


I think it’s best to address the elephant in the room right off the bat.

Luke Skywalker made a triumphant arrival in The Mandalorian Season 2 finale “The Rescue”

Luke Skywalker saved the day. The final sequence where the Jedi Master answered Grogu’s call on Tython and saved our heroes from a platoon of Dark Troopers was mesmerizing and surreal. It brings a smile to my face to think of how many viewers likely shrieked with disbelief as that single X-wing soared past the bridge of Gideon’s cruiser.


The “myth of Luke Skywalker”, as much of the galaxy knows him by, came to life before our very eyes. Ludwig Göransson’s score here was masterful invoking an almost divine quality to this scene. The choreography of Luke’s march through the dozens of Dark Troopers to get to the bridge was like watching a dance. It was effortless and almost serene to see how he cut down the prize jewels of Gideon’s remnant with ease.

Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian Star Wars’ Masterwork

The second season finale of The Mandalorian is the final proof needed to claim that Jon Favreau is one of the best writers of Star Wars we’ve ever had. Amidst the return of Luke Skywalker, the tender moments of Grogu and Din’s farewell are the most impactful. We are rooting for Grogu to stay and NOT leave with THE Luke Skywalker. Think about that… The relationship and bond between the Jedi youngling and this gruff Mandalorian foundling has grown in barely over a year to be one of the strongest in the history of the saga.

The Mandalorian Din and Grogu Baby Yoda

Giancarlo Esposito was terrific in this episode. The way he goaded Bo-Katan when it was clear that the Darksaber did indeed belong to Din after he had disarmed the Moff in combat. The terror that he showed when it was clear that Luke was approaching the bridge. He is obsessed with the mysteries and workings of the Force, it is clear he knew who Luke was and what that meant. Just a fantastic performance all around.

Other highlights include the tense standoff between Mandalorian factions when Boba and Din go to recruit Bo-Katan and Koska in the beginning of the episode, the scheme they hatched to land the Imperial cruiser on the light cruiser, and Cara ruthlessly taking out that shuttle pilot after he taunted her about the demise of Alderaan and the death of “terrorist” Rebellion factions.


People will be talking about the finale’s ending forever, but we should also focus on how the ending has freed up the show’s narrative to explore fascinating new things. Grogu is gone, for now, Din is going to have to learn to find purpose within himself for the time being. Does that mean settling things with Bo-Katan and retaking Mandalore? Is being a leader of the people that took him in in the cards for Din Djarin? It seems like Mando and Grogu will have to cross paths again someday, but what will that be like? Who will they be by that point?

The emotional split of Grogu and Mando will only open up the narrative possibilities of The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale “The Rescue” will be long remembered as the episode that bridged all of Star Wars together. Sequel trilogy, the originals, and the animated series all collided and the cohesiveness of their stories truly mattered. The future of Star Wars is bright my friends.


P.S. How cool of a title is The Book of Boba Fett?!?


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