Watch The Cast Of Stranger Things Play Dungeons and Dragons For The Holidays Now

The holiday season is the time for joy, excitement and visiting with our favorite characters in Hawkins, Indiana from Stranger Things.
Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons & Dragons Lost Odyssey

The holiday season is the time for joy, excitement and visiting with our favorite characters in Hawkins, Indiana from Stranger Things.

It was announced by Wizards Of The Coast that their principal designer Chris Perkins would be hosting a special session Dungeons and Dragons game featuring the Stranger Things cast. The livestream of their Dungeons and Dragons campaign premiered on the Stranger Things YouTube account on December 18, 2020. The game lasted around two hours.

In the Stranger Things series, the main characters would play Dungeons and Dragons, especially in its first season. Thanks to the popularity of Stranger Things, Dungeons and Dragons has had a resurgence in sales and was a hot commodity during the first season. It’s a delight to see some of the Stranger Things cast playing the game especially David Harbour himself, who is hilarious as always.

Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons & Dragons

What started as a simple sci-fi thriller show on Netflix became a pop culture phenomenon. From memorable characters such as Eleven, Hopper, to of course everyone’s favorite baby sitter Steve Harrington, this series is a well-written and fascinating show. Stranger Things became part of main-stream media due to its homages to the 80’s pop culture, music, and nostalgia. Basically the series is a love letter to sci-fi and geek culture. With its fourth season coming out in the near future, fans are excited for more Stranger Things. Luckily some of the cast gave us something special during this holiday season with a nice game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Stranger Things: A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D for short, is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game. The game was originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Anderson. D&D is a structured open-ended role playing game. Each player control a singular character that either represents a mage, warrior, or monster. The game is led by a “dungeon master,” or host. Basically Dungeon Masters narrate the game, similar to the banker in the game Monopoly.

Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons & Dragons


The first part of the game is creating a character and providing the rules of that character. That features of a players’ character includes race, class, background, equipment, and other custom options. The second part of the game is it’s based on a dice roll. The dice roll completely determines success or failure of a player’s characters. Specifically the character’s exploration, interaction, and combat is also determined a dice roll.

The Lost Odyssey Adventure

The cast that participated in the special Stranger Things’ D&D game was David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Metarazzo, and Natalia Dyer. Harbour announced the names of each actor’s character in the game. Wolfhard’s character was named Sylvester The Wise. Metarazzo’s character name was Meryl Stroop. While Dyer’s character name was Jinx. Then finally Harbour’s character was named Kenny Kaboom. Then of course principal Chris Perkins was the dungeon master.

Their D&D campaign was called Lost Odyssey: Toy Time For Ten Towns. The special was filmed using a SOLO Cinebot. It’s actually one of the first robot style cameras to film a special event stream like this. We wont spoil the full outcome of this special campaign, but lets say it was quite enjoyable, epic, and comical to watch.

Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons & Dragons Lost Odyssey poster


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