7 Reasons Not To Sleep On The Kpop Group Dreamcatcher

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‘Tis the season to learn about Dreamcatcher, so listen up.

K-Pop is one of the leading music categories today, showcasing the dedication to the art of song and dance – especially in a group. Starting in the early 90s, K-Pop blended English and Korean lyrics with hip hop elements and dance. Even to this day those elements are at its core, but overall, it’s the total performance, audio and visual, that continue to entertain and captivate audiences. One group that stands out the most amongst the others is the powerhouse known as Dreamcatcher. 


Originally a 5-member group named MINX, they debuted September 2014 from Happyface Entertainment. But after a yearlong hiatus, it was announced that they would be adding 2 new members and redebuted with a new concept under the title Dreamcatcher.  Now with a unique metal sound and dark concept, they would contrast with most girl groups at the time. 

I like to think the members of MINX became stuck in a nightmare, then found two new members with whom they worked together with to escape. Debuting January 13, 2017, it was full steam ahead with their first mini-album Nightmare and its title track “Chase Me.” Here are the seven reasons why you shouldn’t fall asleep on Dreamcatcher. 

1. Pure, Raw Talent 

dreamcatcher members
Left to Right: SuA. Gahyeon, Siyeon, Jiu, Yooheyon, Dami, Handong

When you have seven artist all singing, it can be overwhelming – but each member stands out amongst the others while still being equally united. Jiu, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon. The entirety of the group perform live on mics for most if not all their performances through what is considered the most complex choreography in the industry. Without missing a beat, they have perfect synchronization from song to song and make it look so easy.

Each member has also had their own solo performances that really highlight their skill and talent, but when they come together is when you see something really special. All seven are great masters of their art. Each performance outdoes the previous ones. 

2. Dreamcatcher Company 

An subsidiary of Happyface Entertainment, Dreamcatcher Company was formed in February 2019 to focus solely on Dreamcatcher. From my own research, I have come to find that Dreamcatcher Company is very much about the wellbeing of its artist and is not overbearing as some other companies have been reported to be. Allowing each member to have their own identity, the freedom to be themselves and to speak their mind.

I am sure there are contractual rules that any company would have, but for the most part everything is always in the best interest of the members. In an industry that can be extremely competitive, letting your artist have the freedom to breathe and relax not only makes people happy but in return gets performances that are stronger and stronger each time. And it shows.  

3. Nightmarish, Unique Sound 

MINX originally had a more bubblegum pop sound that was commonly heard throughout the industry. But when Dreamcatcher debuted, it was something completely different. Hard rock, heavy pop, EDM, smooth lounge, rock ballads, classical, jazz, the list goes on and on. You can call it Progressive K-Pop, if you will, that sometimes combines two or three unlikely genres together. Honestly, there is something for everyone. 

I see video reactions of guys who you don’t think you would ever catch at a K-Pop show rocking out to and falling in love with Dreamcatcher. That is powerful. And even if a song isn’t to your liking, you will not be surprised to find a hook that attracts you. There is a little wrinkle unique to every song. The only other group I know that is comparable to the unique style and sound is 2ne1. A group synonymous for making K-Pop global. 

Let me introduce you to Ollounder and LEEZ. The eighth and ninth members of Dreamcatcher who hide in the shadows. They write and produce all the songs along with all the members of the group. Again, a unique duo who never likes to show their faces during Dreamcatchers live videos on Vlive, a popular social platform for K-Pop artists to connect with their fans. It’s hard not to mention then when seven girls do all the heavy lifting and bring great performances to the stage. But this is just to give a bigger picture of how hard everyone works.  

dreamcatcher & co
Ollounder and LEEZ in center

4. InSomnias, In Dreams We Will Be Together Forever 

Of course, you have to have a fan base and a name. March 10, 2018, Dreamcatcher announced the name of their fan club, which fits perfectly given the concept and the name of the group themselves. Always encouraging and respectful, this fandom is always one for a positive attitude. There is not one bad bone in their body. Never a negative word is spoken, in part because of the positivity Dreamcatcher puts out into the universe as well. InSomnias are one big family from all walks of life. The music is so different that it excites people from many different life paths, all in this story together that is being weaved by the members from song to song.  

5. Dreamcatcher Loves InSomnias 

And they love their InSomnias being along for the ride as well. In a short period of time, I have been able to experience getting responses from members through Vlive as well as Weverse, another social media app for fans to interact with groups, much like a Facebook dedicated to a group. They love to say hello and share things with their fans on a daily basis. Sometimes just going out of their way to give just a little word of encouragement to people. Being true role models and a support system.  

6. Sisterly Chemistry 

OK, so we all know that when people see each other day in and day out, people can get on each other’s nerve. Not these seven. It is always a party, sometimes chaos. But never seems like a anyone is every having a bad time. I have never seen so much laughing in a behind the scenes video as I have watching this group.  

Dreamcatcher has special vlogs called Notes where day-to-day adventures, like grocery shopping or behind the scenes of their current music video, are documented. And let me tell you, the adventure never stops, and they all genuinely love each other through it all. I have never been more entertained watching people do everyday things. Did I mention laughing? Every one of them has a unique laugh that just makes you laugh hearing them. 

7. Strong Support of Diversity 

The final reason to be fans of Dreamcatcher is their huge support for the LGBTQ+ community and racial justice.  From telling people that love is love no matter who it is you are in love with, or telling people to be yourself and not to let people to tell you what you need to be, Dreamcatcher doesn’t stray away from sending a message of inclusiveness and love. All positive messages to be sending out into the world from role models that we need in this world. 

Those are just seven reasons but there are plenty more as well. I don’t want to deprive you from discovering all the fun. Raw, pure talent. Inclusiveness. Unique, genre bending. Entertaining. Hilarious beyond belief. Compassionate. Rock stars. What more could you want? I leave you with a short video that is famous amongst the InSomnias. Enjoy! 



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