Dino Fury Toys Hitting Shelves To The Delight of Power Rangers Fans

Power Rangers: Dino Fury is almost here, and Hasbro has put out an early line of toys to promote the upcoming series.
power rangers dino fury revealed

As the New Year has arrived, the next season of Power Rangers, subtitled Dino Fury, is just around the corner.

It is the 28th season of the franchise and is based on the 43rd season of Super Sentai series, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger (2019). Both shows have used dinosaurs as a theme several times, but now there’s an added twist. In the Japanese version, they are knights who came from ancient tribes that lived alongside dinosaurs to this present day.


According to the trailer for the American counterpart, this season will go back to Angel Grove and deal with the origins of the Morphing Grid. While there are still several weeks to months left before the season premiers, the toy line is seen to have already been hitting the shelves at various retail stores.

Dino Fury Toy Line, Assemble!

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First, there is the classic staple of any ranger, the Dino Fury Morpher.  This item is recommended for ages 5 and up, with an estimated price of $19.99. The dino fury morpher is modeled after the morphers used on the show. While not using the same mold as the Japanese DX version used in the show, it still comes with light-up eyes and seemingly larger in size compared to the DX version, based on the pictures.

In the show, the rangers use Ryusouls (in the Japanese version) to morph, summon their zords and use a wide variety of auxiliary powers such as super speed, smell, sight, hardening, etc. Ryusouls are similar to Ranger Keys from Gokaiger (2011)/Super Megaforce (2014) where the item takes a miniature humanoid form and is then folded into a key shape (in Ryusoulger’s case, dinosaur head) and is then inserted into the mouth of the morpher to use its ability.

Ryusouls have also been an integral part in forming the head of the megazord. Based on the images, it is noticeable that the “key” for the American version does not fold like the way the Japanese version does, and seemingly, it is inserted from the back of the dinosaur’s head on the morpher instead of in its mouth. However, each key is supposed to unlock unique sounds for the morpher, and are collected by getting various other Dino Fury figures and toys sold separately, which include a key with the figure(s). Lastly, the morpher has motion-activated sound-effects as well.

dino fury power rangers toy 2

The second item is the Dino Fury Battle Attackers 2-pack assortments. These sets are ages 4+ with an estimated price of $19.99. These are two sets of two miniature figures, each featuring a ranger versus a “sporix beast”. One features the red ranger fighting Doomsnake and the other features the blue ranger fighting Shockhorn. Both sets have the ranger come with an attachable weapon and a lever to activate a kicking action.

Now for the meat of the toy release; four 6” action figures based on the Red, Blue, and Pink rangers, and the villainous general, Boomtower. All four figures are ages 4+ with an expected price of $9.99. All four of them come with multiple points of articulation in both arms and legs (though Boomtower would likely have fewer than the three rangers), a unique key, and personal weapons. Red gets a saber, blue gets twin daggers, and pink gets a club. Boom tower gets a chess rook themed sword like the one used in the show. As mentioned earlier, the keys the figures come with are used for the morpher to unlock unique sounds.

Are you excited for these new Dino Fury toys? Which ones do you plan on getting? Check out the rest at Ranger Command, and let us know in the comments below and on twitter.



Mikhail Matusevich

Mikhail Matusevich

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