The Shadow Over Westview (PART II): Newly Uncovered WandaVision Clues May Lead To Rocket Raccoon, Jocasta, And More

Join us as we go over how WandaVision's clues for the High Evolutionary lead to Rocket Raccoon, Photon, Jocasta, Squadron Supreme, and more.
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A popular point in theory which I share is that The Cabinet Of Mysteries used in the town square magic show (Ep. 2) is a foreshadow or metaphor for The Cradle. A symbol resembling the shape of The Mind Stone emitting light is blatantly painted on the front. The town’s people drone, For The Children, and we know that Cradle Technology can create sentient beings. Ironically, Monica is used to “save” a magic trick by Wanda teleporting her into the cabinet as the grand finale of their act. We see Monica attempt to enter the Westview bubble (with an onlooking Jimmy Woo) in an attempt to investigate as well.

Is this a metaphor a clue to how Monica will get her super powers? Or is Ultron in league with Hydra/A.I.M. and plotting to get the body that he believed was rightfully his all along?

How Vision, a Toaster, and Jocasta Connect

Back to the Toast Mate 2000 commercial in WandaVision. The hints were staring everyone in the face and I had the hardest time holding this one in, but it’s pretty clear to me that this is an Easter egg for Ultron’s mate/Vision’s step mother and sister turned Avenger, Jocasta. In order to understand my point of view we have to return to the first toaster (in tandem) to a very simple clue everyone has probably seen in the same episode: Vision’s work tie.

Like the electrical symbol of the coil/loop on the toaster, Vision’s tie shared another symbol essential to making a closed electrical circuit; a power source or a battery. We know Wanda lashed out at Vision in the comics during his series, literally calling him a toaster. We saw that Vis’ body was made into ‘burnt toast’ by his synthe-soul mate Wanda, and then again by Thanos via the Time Stone in Infinity War.

Vision did somewhat of the same thing to Ultron in a very vague scene, “toasting” him with the laser from the Mind Stone at the end of Age of Ultron. 42% of Ultron’s consciousness was imprinted into Vision’s brain before the the Avengers stole the body , completing Vision’s creation with power from Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.


It’s very possible that Ultron was dormant inside Vision until the Mind Stone was removed. Even Bruce Banner stated that without the Infinity Stone, Vision still had parts of Ultron, Jarvis, Tony and himself leftover; not a combination I would feel comfortable with making me breakfast. So where is the source of power represented on the tie coming from now?

My guess is Wanda, due to lack of information from the show thus far. We know Vision has been given the job to process information he hasn’t been unable to interpret yet; very much like when Ultron first attacked him upon initially coming online in the early scenes of Age of Ultron. Tony Stark basically said Vision’s protocol program (Jarvis) was operating without even knowing; protecting World nuclear codes from Ultron. Could Wanda be used as a battery, and Vision as a CPU to create something new?

Avengers Age of Ultron Vision Ultron end scene

Finding a mate is a natural step in the course of evolving, wouldn’t you say? Well that’s exactly what Ultron attempted to do in The Avengers Vol. 1 #162, 1977. Jealous of his creator’s (Hank Pym) relationship with his wife Janet Pym (The Wasp), Ultron kidnapped Janet then attempted to drain and imprint her life force into the robot body of the sentient being that would become known as Jocasta.

Remember the sound of the Stark missile soundbyte that the Toast Mate 2000 made? I’ve heard explanations that it could be a metaphor for Wanda’s trauma as a child witnessing a Stark missile threatening to detonate and kill her until she was ultimately rescued. Well, I have another explanation for the sound: Jocasta was created at The Stark Enterprise Missile Launch Facility.


Just looking at the toaster one can see the face of a would be female robot; there are even designations on the dial that could pass as eyelashes. Isn’t she a beauty? I am obviously aware of the dichotomies between the old toaster representing Ultron & Vision, while the newer model reps for the ladies (Wanda & Jocasta). What can I say? They got next.

Jocasta The Avengers WandaVision

Bringing things full circle, Jocasta’s third life was made possible by none other than High Evolutionary. When looking for a replacement user interface (protocol program) for Jarvis in Age of Ultron, we saw Tony Stark had one called J.O.C.A.S.T.A.. He chose F.R.I.D.A.Y. but it Jocasta has been another chip on the table and I’m betting Marvel is finally ready to play it. Could Wanda & Vision be plugged into a device that is attempting to drain her power and transfer her life force into a robot? These are the type of questions that keep me up at night. LOL.

WandaVision Theory Wrap Up


So there you have it; my first 100% speculation piece: Herb could be a scientist working with S.W.O.R.D. or Project Pegasus researching sentient powered weapons and genetics. He could have his own Wundagore research facility already. He may eventually become High Evolutionary and create the New Men. Wanda may be working with Jimmy Woo to retrieve or revive Vision’s body when she gets trapped or put into an illusion that she not only buys into, but an illusion she takes over.

At some point she will have to come to terms with Vision and Pietro’s deaths, as well as her connection to the Mind Stone and her true origin as a mutant. Herb and Agnes may be partially lucid in this dreamscape, while Dottie and the other people of Westview might be under an illusion and/or Wanda’s spell. Westview could be a prison for super powered beings deemed a threat.

That said, where the hell is Maria Hill?

Mephisto could be somewhere in the midst waiting for the opportune time to gain more power. Double agents from HYDRA/A.I.M could be trying to steal honey from the proverbial beehive of The Loop. Baron Strucker and Ultron might still be alive. Monica is somehow going to get her powers and it might have something to do with Cradle Technology, Cosmic Cube and/or Tesseract Technology from Project Pegasus. Jocasta may be brought to life using Wanda’s life force. Lastly, Rocket Raccoon could actually be connected to the High Evolutionary!

As wild as some of these WandaVision ideas could seem they are connected and that raises eyebrows (and even more questions). None of these guesses may pan out; some might. The point is that they are possible and fans like us make the community better by allowing ourselves to join in the creative process for the creators of the show taking the time to read articles like this. I might get offered a position as a Marvel QC Specialist one day.

WandaVision retro poster Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff

If you read this before you’ve seen WandaVision, you have so much more to look for now. If you’ve read this after you’ve seen the show, I hope there are some valuable keys to help you unlock your imagination and understanding of The Marvel Method. I am sure we will get many answers soon enough. Manchild out.

What do you think of these new WandaVision theories? What do you predict for episode 4 and 5 of WandaVision? Let us know in the comment section below or over on our social media!



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