The Shadow Over Westview (PART II): Newly Uncovered WandaVision Clues May Lead To Rocket Raccoon, Jocasta, And More

Join us as we go over how WandaVision's clues for the High Evolutionary lead to Rocket Raccoon, Photon, Jocasta, Squadron Supreme, and more.
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Today we will go over how WandaVision‘s clues for the High Evolutionary lead to Rocket Raccoon, Spectrum, Jocasta, Squadron Supreme, and more.

In “The Shadow Over Westview Part I“, I shared clues that I found in Ep. 2 of WandaVision foreshadowing the High Evolutionary’s entrance into The Marvel Cinematic Universe. I purposely left some “nuggets” out that I found throughout the first 3 episodes, because I wanted to give everyone else a chance to see things for themselves.

Playing detective and participating in The Marvel Studios “Easter Egg Hunt” is one of my favorite pastime hobbies, as I truly enjoy hypothesizing theories about the direction creators are “herding” fans towards. It is one of the most fun aspects of following the MCU for me. I don’t have to be right all of the time, as long as I’m having fun!

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I truly hope you are personally enjoying Marvel’s epic return to pop culture as well. Now that Ep. 4 of WandaVision is prepared to release on Friday, and Elizabeth Olsen has stated that it will reveal much more of the actual plot points of the series, this is my last chance to go Level IV (maybe Level V) Superfan with my theories about where the MCU could be going based on all the breadcrumbs I’ve found in WandaVision so far. This is my last chance to share an uninfluenced “dream theory” before “reality comes crashing down” around all of us, on both sides of the screen. 

wandavision and the high evolutionary

I believe Herb to be important. Now I will add more strands of DNA to the already complex structures; possibly above (and below) Westview. Keep in mind that just because the clue is in WandaVision, doesn’t mean the payoff will be.

Sherlock Holmes is one of my all time favorite characters. Following his stylish, random and purely chaotic lines of deduction I will try to illuminate as much of my theory as possible (I sound like Vision performing his magic show…FLOURISH!):

WandaVision, the New Men, and Rocket Raccon

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-2-Rocket-Raccoon WandaVision

I previously asked readers to remember the phrase, New Men (Part I), as it is the name of the species of the animal humanoids created by High Evolutionary in the comics. However, the term also speaks to HE’s modus operandi and the theme I believe prevalent to the story being told in this WandaVision series. High Evolutionary seeks to evolve himself and all mankind to their purest and greatest potential: gods, if you will.

We will see experiments to achieve this same goal throughout Phase 4 in shows like The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Eternals & Secret Invasion. There was another character closely related to the WandaVision story arc obsessed with evolving as well. Before I pull on that string, let’s go back to Ep 1. Remember that Toast Mate 2000 commercial? If not, refresh your memory below.

While many were looking at the old toaster burning bread with what looked like an upside down “666” on the front of it, I saw a bit more. Granted, this is my ‘Marvel Manchild’ imagination running wild, but hear me out.


Just like the double entendre that I saw in the Big Red line from Herb in Ep.2 of WandaVision, here I saw a clock that not only looks like Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of The Galaxy, but is also eerily similar to the first image published of High Evolutionary creating one of his new men species, Man-Beast (High Evolutionary’s first appearance is in Thor Vol. 1 #134, 1966).

wandavision toastmates

Note the caption: “Now …His body begins to achieve Temporal Motion!” Coincidence? I don’t know. I’ll leave that for you to decide, but even a broken German Black Forest Hunter Cuckoo Clock with an ambiguous head & tail are right twice a day. And if the time on the clock is 12:30 or 6:00, it might be correct 4 times a day, depending on the design of the hands. (Note: Rumor is that James Gunn may decide to use High Evolutionary as Rocket’s creator in Guardians of The Galaxy 3.) It just adds to the cleverness of the WandaVision Easter egg and made it stand out even more to me. Is this a foreshadow over Westview? Is Rocket Raccoon somehow connected to High Evolutionary & WandaVision now?

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