Toy Rumors: Power Ranger Lightning Collection Leaks SPD A Squad and TMNT Crossover Two Packs Leaked

So far the Power Rangers Lightning Collection is one of Hasbro’s most popular and highly successful toy series to date. Yes, there have been some missing parts and small paint job mistakes in some of their figures. But overall they have been a huge hit with die-hard Power Rangers fans and toy collectors.

After Hasbro announced Wave 9 of their Power Rangers Lightning Figure collection set, many fans craved more news or updated on potential future toys. Now it seems like many fans got their answer. According to a rumor from jtprime17 and LightningFigPR that new Lightning Collection packs are in development or are on the way.

Those rumored set packs are two SPD A-Squad Ranger figures and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) crossover style figures. The rumored names of these toys are in special code. The names of those coded figures are TMNT 2 Packs PRG BLT PK A, TMNT 2 PACKS PRG BLT PK B, TMNT 2 PACKS RPG BLT PK C, PRG BLT A SQD Venus, PRG BLT A SQD Jupiter, PRG Fan Boom Shredder.

Now the code names are still a mystery but according to the text, we can expect a two-pack of each Ninja Turtle and a Shredder Figure? Then for SPD, we can assume it might be the Red and Yellow SPD A-Squad Rangers due to thanks to other previous listings.

POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING COLLECTION: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Rangers?

lightning collection TMNT

The announcement of Lightning Collection figures based on a TMNT style crossover is quite shocking but they di become Power Rangers at one point. That is because of the popular Power Rangers/TMNT crossover in the Boom! Comics.


The turtles also appear in the live-action show. Well, technically the Next Mutation Ninja Turtles. This live-action adaptation of the turtles made their first and only appearance in a crossover with the In Space Rangers in Power Rangers In Space.  The Ninja Turtles appeared in two Power Rangers In Space episodes. Those episodes were “Save Our Ship” and “Shell Shocked”.

SPD A Squad Figures Also Rumored

Now for the second pack that has been rumored to come out are the SPD A-Squad Red and Yellow Ranger. If this reported rumored is true this would be the second and third SPD A-Squad Ranger Lightning Figures.

The first A-Squad Ranger to have its own toy is the Blue A-Squad Ranger. That figure was featured on a Vs Pack that included the SPD B-Squad Ranger.

If the rumors are to be true then this would be mean the A-Squad Rangers will have their own separate solo boxes. This would be a shock to some fans because many assume that the SPD A-Squad Rangers would be featured as five-pack like the Psycho Rangers. Only time will tell.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers

Even though these leaked reports are rumors, it won’t be a surprise if they turn out true. For many years fans have been yearning or wanting to have a full pack or collection of the SPD A-Squad Rangers as action figures. Now with the release of the Blue A-Squad Ranger that might become a reality. Now for TMNT themed Power Ranger crossover figures, that one is actually a pleasant surprise.

Again if these rumors become true or a reality we will finally have new TMNT toys with a little flair or inspiration of Power Rangers. It would be cool to see Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, also Raphael as Power Rangers and as action figures. Also let’s not forget even Master Splinter, Casey Jones, and April O’Neil morphed as well.



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